Finally Friday..

I took last night off from blogging. We (DS3, his girl friend and I went to Thursday night lacrosse in Manalapan. No, I did not play. If my son plays next Thursday, I will play since he is going back to school on August 26.  He had a goal and an assist last night. Last night was special for us lacrosse players because a group of guys from North Jersey came down to play a real game with us. A real game is one where you have referees (we had three) and you keep score. We could have done without the score keeping. The we lost a little to a lot.  These guys had uniforms and play together in the fall and winter together and have done so for years.

Another thing that we missed yesterday was the celebrating of National Rum Day. Yes, that was yesterday. I told my DW this evening about this and she said I should celebrate doubly today. Good plan, I think. Tonight she has already gone to bed. She has been coughing all day. When she has a cold in her throat, she usually losses her voice. She pretty much has lost her voice tonight. Some people might see that as a good thing.  Hey, I’m only kidding! She knows that..right honey? LOL, maybe Saturday will start with me in the dog house. I can still bark from there.

Today was an odd day. Being a Friday, I worked from home. How about some bullets for the day:

  • DS2’s car was in the shop for a day, never got worked on. Maybe next week. He worked the afternoon shift
  • My car had warranty work done on it today. Yep, warranty work at 246,000 miles. Nothing like a “lifetime national re-call” to cover your repairs
  • Uncle Dude is back at work after his stroke. He and I are both 51. About a month ago he had a minor stroke that he appears to have fully recovered from. If you did not know about his week in the hospital, you would not have any clue. He stopped by the house for an hour while down this way for work. I sent him home with tomatoes and cucumbers from the garden
  • DS1 worked today. He stopped by the house with his farmer truck. There is a picture below. He is spending the night at his girl friends house in Allentown, PA
  • DS3 is at work tonight. He got to drive my van home from the shop. He does not like my van. He says the seats are too high. This comment comes from the person that drives a Mustang
  • Work for me was a little busy when I was working. I went to a customer’s location in town to re-install a computer that their tech had rebuilt. It’s fun to go into the real world once and awhile

Tonight’s pictures (two of them) have captions. Enjoy!