No dancing tonight..

Yesterday was our big mid-week date night. Tonight?  Leave to Beaver night. What that means is staying home, not doing much. We had dinner as a family (except for DS1 who was not home from work yet). The other two boys had the day off.  My DW worked a full day. Me, I was crazy busy at work. I got quite a bit accomplished.  I have one more crazy day planned, then Friday will hopefully fill in the blanks from the week.  Thankfully most of the customers have been on their best behavior this week.

DS2 went to the eye doctor for his annual before school check up. This is the fateful check up last year that revealed that he had two detached retinas and needed immediate surgery on both eyes. This year, no problems. Simple eye exam, update the proscription and have a nice day. His car goes in the shop tomorrow for a safety check before he leaves for college next weekend. He is pretty excited about his eyes and that college is “nearly single digit days away”.  But, who’s counting.

My DW did go to yoga tonight. She has been coughing quite a bit tonight. I hope she does not get worse.

Tonight’s picture comes from our visit to Anna Farms near Charlotteville, VA back in April. This porch was a perfect place to start or end the day. Enjoy!


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