Dancing was allowed..

We went to the Tuckahoe Inn this evening to see Scott Kirby and Dave Edminsten play.  What a magical night!  We left Manahawkin for the 40 mile drive south and it was raining here and had rained off and on (flash flood warnings, raining), all afternoon. By the time we got down to Beasly’s Point (location of the Tuckahoe Inn), the road was dry as were the picnic tables.  In this video you can see the band performing and a shot of the crowd and the patio where the concert took place.

We had a table to ourselves for most of the evening.  Towards 9 pm another couple asked if they could sit with us since all the other tables were full. We said sure, and met some new people.  Turns out the husband is a nurse. The wife, I’m not sure. The husband also works beach patrol EMT in the summer time. He had a few interesting stories to tell. 

We, my DW and I got up and danced to quite a few songs. The “dance floor” was a concrete patio that was slightly sloped towards the water. I guess for better drainage or, the concrete settled over the years. Either way, when we danced, she was closer to my height when I was downhill and she danced on her toes when she was downhill. It was a funny (to me at least). Maybe we should have dance laterally with me downhill the entire time..

The food was decent bar food, the table service was not rushed. I guess they figured that we got our table early were going to stay until 10 pm when the show was over. Why rush?  In this HD video, hosted on You Tube, you can see more of the band, the crowd and Great Egg Harbor.

Kids, they all worked today. My DW worked a full day. I worked from home and went to see the orthopedic surgeon with my MRI films. He looked at the films and told me that I had a tear of the muscle in my calf. I should not run or play lacrosse for a few weeks. That the injury could take up to 8 weeks to heal and.. the longer I stay off it (re:lacrosse), the shorter the time to getting my leg back to 100 %.  Hmmm.  Then he sends me an invitation to do a 12 mile Tough Mudder with him and some other men our age on June 1, 2013.

Tonight’s picture is from the show. Enjoy!