I better hurry up..

I better hurry up and get this done before it is tomorrow.  Not that it really matters. Tonight is Thursday, August 9, 2012.  This evening I went to Thursday night lacrosse even though I could not play. I brought my gear bag, even though I could not play. Not playing was difficult. Kind of like going to your favorite restaurant with your friends and sitting at the table with them watching them eat. Man..

DS3 played as did my brother the weather man.  Ds3 had a goal and two assists tonight. One of his assists was a feed to my brother who was standing alone on the crease. My crease.. It was funny to see him play attack.  Here is a person that goes out for a 10 k run just because. He belongs on the midfield line running back and forth. I know he had one goal, but I think he may have had another. He got plenty of passes tonight.

Standing on the sidelines tonight I shot some video of the guys playing under the lights. If you click here, you can see that video.

Tonight’s pictures are of Keene Valley, NY. This is part of the drive from the highway into Lake Placid.  I was not able to shoot any picture of the Mustang tonight since there was an accident on the GSP (not involving my son) and I got home late. Enjoy!