Foolish, not stupid (time will tell)..

Last night’s blog was devoted to my run in with the player from an opposing team and the subsequent injury to my left calf.  This all happened Saturday evening in Lake Placid. The blog further details my attempting to play with the old guys on Monday night and how my leg “ended” the night early. Now that we are caught up, read yesterday’s blog for the details, we can move forward. This afternoon I went to see the local orthopedic/sports medicine doctor about my leg. Imagine that. a sports injury at 51 years old! Foolish, not stupid?

The doctor is a family friend and two of his children play/played lacrosse. They attended the same high school as my children and supported the lacrosse parents association that I was the president of. Good people. He said three if not five times in the 15 minute office visit that I should have called him at home (or on his cell, I have both numbers) and gone to his house for the exam.  I thanked him for the offer, and told him that I would save that favor for a real emergency.

His final opinion was that the whacking of my calf by the opposing player bruised and weakened my calf muscle so when I played last night the interior part bulged through the exterior part. These are layman’s terms of course!. He asked about last night, saying “Did you stop running when you felt the pop in your calf?” Umm, yea.. foolish, not stupid! He said no lacrosse for two to three weeks and to get a neoprene sleeve for my leg for the first few weeks when I go back to playing. Also a MRI has been ordered just to be sure.

In the garden tonight, while I was cooking the steaks and looking around, bored. I noticed a huge (basketball sized) paper wasp nest in the garden. I was out there yesterday walking through the garden, picking tomatoes and cucumbers and never noticed it. I don’t know how fast the wasps can build a nest, but Wednesday afternoon I ran the lawnmower through that area, not noticing a thing. Several ideas have been floated about eliminating the nest. My favorite idea is thumping the nest in the dark and expecting the wasps to go find another home. During a rainstorm this also might be a good plan. Or, I could send a child out to handle the problem. Foolish, not stupid.

Tonight’s picture is of that wasp nest. Maybe tomorrow night you will see it split open, or pictures of the welts on my body. Which would that be, foolish or stupid? Time will tell. Enjoy!


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