A line from a Jimmy Buffet song..

“Crack went my leg, like the shell on an egg, someone call a decent physician.”  Not broken, but there is a doctor visit and probably physical therapy in my near future.  Here’s my story…  Saturday afternoon I played in game four of the Lake Placid tournament for my age group.  As I walked on the field to start the game,  the attackman I went to cover said “You! You broke my rib two years ago when we played your team”   I told him maybe, I hope not. 

Fast forward to late in the 4 th quarter, I was ready to get off and let another player have my position. The ball was loose in front of me on the ground, so I ran after the ball to pick it up and give my team possession of the ball. The attackman with the mended rib decided that I would have to work for that ground ball.  As I tried to pick up the ball he was hitting me with his stick.  I finally got the ball off the ground and passed it my teammate, successfully.

As I got off the field, my left calf was hurting, pretty bad. I just figured that the attackman had slashed the back of leg along with the rest of my body. Today, I went to play Monday night lacrosse and within 5 minutes of the start of the game, I felt something pop in my left calf. I immediately got off the field. My leg does not hurt any more than when the game started, nor does it appear to be anymore swollen.  I called my DW, the nurse, to let her know that I would be needing to go to the doctor for this injury. Tonight I have the leg iced and elevated.

Sucks, that’s what I think.

Tonight’s picture is from the Lake Placid trip. Enjoy!