Can’t get enough, I guess..

Well, maybe that is the case. The current scheme is to drive to Annapolis on Saturday (August 11) and watch the Chesapeake Bay Hawks play the Denver Outlaws in professional lacrosse. The team that wins will be the number one seed in the playoffs in two weeks. I was looking for a place to spend the night in Annapolis, but there must be something going on there. All the reasonably priced rooms are sold out. Annapolis is only 3 hours from home, so going down for the day is not out of the question. We have done it before. I would have been nice to spend a few more hours walking around and being a tourist.

We had a foodie Sunday here in New Jersey. We stopped by the fish market and bought clams, stone crab claws, fluke fillet and wild salmon on our way home from the grocery store. The clams were served on the half shell, the stone crabs (from either Georgia or South Carolina) were served with a mustard sauce. The fluke was done as flounder francaise. DS2 likes raw salmon, so when we see good, fresh salmon, we get him a piece. He really enjoys it. We also had fresh shrimp (from the Gulf of Mexico, never frozen) that I got from the Shop Rite.  I don’t usually buy seafood there, but the shrimp looked good. The shrimp got steamed with Old Bay.

I got out my Margarittaville Frozen Concoction Maker today and made Pain Killers. Or at least a New Jersey version. We started with juice from the store that was a mix of orange, pineapple and banana. To this I added an entire cut up fresh peach and some Cruzan Rum. All this went in to the blender. After the peach was blended, in I added the shaved ice. This drink was topped with nutmeg for an island finish. Yum and yum.

Lunch was “Pig Burgers” and pork and beans. The “Pig Burgers” are ground and seasoned pork that is shaped like a hamburger and frozen in 4 oz patties. I bought them on a whim today at the store. They actually were pretty good. You just need to be careful how long you cook them  because they are pretty thin. Here is a write-up about the World Famous Pigburgers.

Other then the usual grocery shopping and chores around the house, not much else is  going on. DS3 is at work for another 30 minutes tonight. DS2 worked his 6 hours during the mid-day. DS1, my DW and I are off today. They go back to work tomorrow, I have the day off.  When I asked for vacation time to go to Lake Placid, I was not sure when I would get home.  So, a day off for me.

Here are some more pictures. The captions will explain. Enjoy!



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