Summit Lacrosse Tournament, Day 2

One of the curses of being a computer person is when someone says “You can’t use the in-house wi-fi because the access code is missing some characters”  Huh? I took this statement at face value last night and just used the wi-fi from the hotel across the lake. I was uploading pictures last night and the blog software would not play nice with the reduced bandwidth. Today, after our 9 am lacrosse game and a shower, I got myself connected to the in-house wi-fi. I’m good at challenges.  Maybe I should make my life a challenge.. oh, at moments it already is.

We lost today’s game. So we are o and 2 in the tournament. We play again tomorrow at 9 am then if we lose we play at 1 pm, if we win we play at 4:30 pm.  I had a good game. There was one miscue (by me) early in the game that I will discuss with DS1, the most educated lacrosse player in our home.  I did not get hurt, that is a good thing. Two of our players went down during the game with knee issues. This afternoon the 52 plus team lost their final game. They finished the tournament 2 wins and 2 losses. They seem to start out fast each year and then run out of gas as the tournament goes on.

Back at home, I really don’t know. I know that all three children are working. My DW worked the middle of the day shift. In at 11 out at 4:30. The doctors seem to be playing games with the patient schedules again. 

Tonight I have pictures to share. See the captions. Enjoy!