Summit Lacrosse Tournament, Day 1..

Today ends Day 1 of the 2012 edition of the Summit Lake Placid Lacrosse Tournament.  The tournament is held in Lake Placid, NY. Today the team I play for, the OWU 45 years and older (Grand Masters II team), played and lost our first game. At one point we were up 6 to 3. The final score was 8 to 7. There were two plays in the second half where the other team scored and we got a penalty on the same play. Both penalties resulted in a score by the other team. These two plays/penalties resulted in a four point swing.  Me, I think I played good today. In this tournament, I am a defensive player.

Tonight we had a BBQ at the camp where some of the players are staying. This year was tame vs. the BBQ at the same location last year.  I started the day with a 3 am wake up and a 4 am departure. The drive is about 375 miles, each way. I’m kind of tired tonight so this ends tonight’s blog.

See you tomorrow. Sorry, no pictures tonight. The internet connection here is real slow and they won’t upload.