Vacations starts now..

For me at least. The rest of the troops have to continue working. This weekend is the annual Summit Lake Placid Lacrosse Tournament in, Lake Placid, NY. I play on the OWU (Ohio Wesleyan University) alumni team. I did not attend OWU, I just know somebody that did and they got me on the team. I think this is my fifth year playing in Lake Placid. Our team won our division in 2009.  How will we do this year?  Time will tell. I am usually happy with a .500 showing. Just as many wins as losses.  The boat pushes away from the dock before 4 am tomorrow for the 400 mile drive. I’m packed and ready to go. All I have to do is fall asleep tonight..

I worked from home today. Today being August 1, 2012, I was quite busy with my end of the month projects. Same customers, same project at the end of each month. Writing this I realise that I have one more customer to deal with when I return from vacation. He is new to the end of the month club, so I forgot him today. His project is data mining for the last 30 days and adding the results to a working spreadsheet and the generating a .pdf that the owner can analyse. Not tough stuff once you rough out the format and the spreadsheet.

My DW worked 2/3 ‘s of a day today. She came home from work while I was cutting the lawn during my lunch hour. I had many chores to do before I could go away and I got them all done (I hope). She worked on doing laundry while I worked this afternoon and helped me pack this evening. DS1 was the”boss” today since the owner did not show up for work. Maybe it’s me, but today was the earliest that  he has been home during the week in a long time.  Coincidence?

DS2 is currently working. He should be home in about 15 minutes. DS3 worked his 9 to 5 shift. His allergic reaction from last week has flared up again. The doctor’s office re-did his prescription for another week. Two days after finishing his first course of medicine, he started to show new signs of the allergy. We are thinking that maybe he walked through some poison ivy the night he had the accident on the GSP. He was walking around on the side if the road in shorts, in the brush, in the rain.

Tonight’s pictures are of the tomatoes and cucumbers that I picked in the garden today. Most of the tomatoes got ground up and frozen to be used to make sauce in the winter. The cucumbers will either be given away this weekend or made into more pickles.  Enjoy!



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