You have suffered through a “Fluff Week”..

Yes, you have. Maybe you did not notice with all the craziness going on in your lives.  Ok, I should define what made this a “Fluff Week”, from my point of view. First of all, on a personal basis, I have used pictures as an excuse to not write the words to describe the week.  Why, I was in a “Fluff” mood.  Nationally, we had a hurricane smack the Gulf Coast. The coverage was fair. Two days after the hurricane, you have to really look for the coverage.  The damage and the heartache continues for these people, we just look to the next fluff story.

The Republicans had their convention this week. Fluff for sure.  I am a Republican, I did not watch the convention. Does it really matter what they said?  Fluff.

As far as the family goes, DS1 continues to work.  DS2 and DS3 are away at college. We (DW and I) toyed with the idea of visiting with them this holiday weekend. In the end we decided to stay home. I hope to ride my bike and do some kayaking.  The college kids are adapting to the college lifestyle once again. DS2’s school (Marywood) got a Starbucks over the summer.  Where do college kids get money for Starbucks? I can’t afford Starbucks every day. Oh, the money comes from their parents, silly me. DS3’s school already had one when he started attending there.

We had a fun evening tonight. One of the local musician’s that we follow was playing at Calloway’s tonight. We vouchers for 10 dollars off that we used. In this video you can see the musician doing Pink Floyd. In a bar, no less.  In this video he is his doing a Led Zeppelin song.   We had a fun night singing along. DS1 stopped by for dinner after work.  Even he knew some of the songs.

Tonight’s picture is of a laundry basket of CLEAN lacrosse gear.  I washed DS3 and my gear and put them out in the sun to dry. Now they don’t smell as bad. Enjoy the visual, not the smell!


If a picture is worth a 1000 words..

Then this blog will be longer than 3000 words!  Yikes,  would be too long for me to read. I get lost around 500 words.

Simple approach tonight. Three pictures, three captions. Enjoy!


Items donated by my DW’s fellow hospital employees to be delivered to the Barnegat Food Bank

DS3’s summer job, motivation to work hard in school

DS1 hiding his face as I take his picture while we are in different cars waiting at the same traffic light.

Off the couch (chair) once again..

My DW and I went out after dinner tonight.  Like last night, we went searching for pictures. Or more correctly, pictures waiting to be taken. I shot quite a few pictures again tonight. I have, in less than a week, shot almost 1000 pictures. It’s a good thing they are free to see, save or delete.

Tonight’s location was Barnegat Light. We were on LBI in time to see the boats go out fishing for the night trips.  We also saw an awesome sunset.  Work, whatever..  Kids, DS1 had the big truck tonight. He was home before either of his parents. He made deliveries locally then called it a day parking the farmer truck in the driveway. DS2 and DS3 continue to enjoy their classes. I spoke with both of them today. Each sounded like they had a smile on their face. That’s good..

Picture time..  Captions tell the story. Enjoy!

Doris Mae heads out for a night of Bluefishing

Sunset, notice the detail of the waves

Barnegat Light House

Route 72 Causeway in the background

More camera time..

The high point of my day was playing with the camera. At lunch time I went over to the airport to practice. Tonight I went down to the high school to practice, hoping I would find a football practice going on. What I found was a scrimmage under the lights on the stadium field. In the past (not last year) I was be part of a group of parents that would shoot pictures and video for the football team and the marching band. We would upload our pictures and then share them with the families of the players.

I took last year off from this group. My DW and I wanted to enjoy our time without any children home. This year I have a new toy and am looking for opportunities to practice my craft. I may shoot some of the football games this fall It really depends on when the games are and where they are. I am more likely to shoot a home game then to drive 50 miles each way to shoot an away game. Time will tell.

Enough chatter. Here are a few of the pictures I shot today. Enjoy!


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Dorm room madness..

Here’s a backward post for tonight..

Tonight’s pictures are of the two children’s dorm rooms in Scranton. The captions will explain which child which picture(s) belong to.  Enjoy!

DS3’s dorm at the University of Scranton

DS2’s dorm room at Marywood University

DS2’s dorm room at Marywood University

DS2’s dorm room at Marywood University

We (my DW and I) traded texts and tweets with both college children today. They seem to have enjoyed the first day of school. Ds3 mentioned that he did not have ROTC PT this morning. He also said that he can see his car from his bedroom window. DS2 mentioned that the sun came out at lunch time and it was hot in Scranton. He should grasp that memory tightly, winter is coming.  He also mentioned missing the music building. His classes this year have less of a music focus than the first two years. He is still involved with all the performing groups. They seem to meet in the evening.

 Tonight I was back to Monday night lacrosse with the old men. Almost all of the college students are gone. We had enough people show up to play two full teams with two substitutes on each side. me, I had two goals tonight.  One from the right side and one from the left side. I narrowly missed the hat trick tonight. I also had an assist.  My leg was fine, no pain at all. My DW went to yoga this evening. She said that the class was not well attended. I guess the yoga people are on vacation. Good night moon, Namaste

Where are those kids, it’s too damm quiet..

Really? After only 12 hours with just one child living in the house?   I asked my DW that question this afternoon while she and I were the only one home. DS1 was on LBI goofing off (some fishing, some whatever). The other two boys had left for school, arrived, moved in, got back together with their friends and promptly forgot that they live in Manahawkin. Just like that.

In the big picture, them adjusting quickly to the change in living location and rules is a good thing.  It is also a good thing that they can drive themselves back to school and get moved in without the help of their parents. I will admit that I missed going to Scranton today.  This was a step back (by the parents) and hope for the best moment.

DS3 went back to school on Saturday. He was supposed to move in on Sunday, but his roommate spent the summer on campus so DS3 had access to his room a day early. So far, we have not heard much from him.  We saw his plus one at the grocery store today. She works where we do our weekly food shopping.  I asked about him and she said he was doing fine.  Classes start tomorrow.

DS3 left the house at 6:30 am this morning for his move in adventure. He had no issues with the drive. He also has gotten together with his friends and slipped back into college life. Ok, I am jealous. I would like to be living in a full-time learning environment without the cares of the adult world. Who wouldn’t?   His classes start tomorrow as well.

At home, we (DW and I) did our usual weekend stuff. This was the last weekend for the outdoor professional lacrosse season so we watched the semi-finals and championship games on tv. There will be no more new lacrosse on tv until the indoor season starts around Christmas time. 

I have quite a few pictures from the last two days. I will post a few here .  Enjoy!


Take a deep breath..

Choice, choices, we all make them.  Tonight is neither a rant about choices nor a sermon about choices. Maybe,  tonight is about accepting your choices. Heck, maybe not.  I guess the opening tone for tonight’s blog has been set by the impending departure of the two younger children this weekend, off to college.  I would have thought that after last year’s drama with the start of school and all the children off to college, that this year would be easy.  Easy.. interesting word.

This year will probably be looked back on as easy. If you discount the multiple car “incidents” with DS3  and the uncertainty of the college degree that DS2 is working towards, then everything else is nonsense. We have tried to focus some of our efforts (means money) on making sure that the kids cars and other items that we think we can control are in the best possible shape. Just yesterday, DS2’s car sprouts a “Service Engine Soon” light. The car was in the shop last week.  This morning DS2 forwarded me an email from one of his professors detailing what books would be needed for class. We purchased all (we thought)  of his books about three weeks ago.  This professor has pushed our book expenses above 500 dollars for the semester.

We went to leave DS2’s car at the shop today to have some sensor replaced and when we got home I noticed the tread was coming off the front driver’s tire on my van. I was going to  have DS2 drive my car to work today while his car was being fixed. Change of plans, dude, drive your car while mine gets the tires replaced. Hopefully there is some warranty since the tires are less than a year old. I will find out tomorrow. Tomorrow DS2’s car goes back to the shop to have the sensor replaced. Did you know that a parking sticker at Marywood cost 200 dollars a year? I found out today from a cousin, that a parking sticker at Penn State costs 700 dollars a year!  Yikes and Yikes!

Tonight, for his last dinner home until the holidays, DS3 choose a rib roast with crab meat and hollandaise sauce, mashed potatoes for dinner.  He is our meat and potatoes child. His girlfriend came by to have dinner with us. She seems to like beef as well. They are currently “out” for the evening. She has a 12:30 am curfew. Tomorrow afternoon DS3 leaves for Scranton.

DS1 is in bed at this point in the evening. He had a good day today. The boss is back from visiting some growers in North Carolina. They will go over paperwork and stuff from the last week tomorrow.  DS1 is happy with how the week went.

Work from me was not busy. I coasted today. My DW worked a full day.  DS2 is now home. He is done for the summer as well.

Here are a few pictures from this evening. Shot with the new camera. Enjoy!




Post game debrief..

When our children were younger, and even now, my DW would/will always ask them after their game or concert what the coach, teacher, conductor had to say during the “post game debrief”. Usually the words of wisdom are already gone from their minds by the time we ask that question. And we do not wait a week to ask, it was usually right after the event. Tonight’s post game debrief covers the Adult Thursday Night Lacrosse League game. I played tonight for the first time in nearly three weeks. The doctor said to wait at least three weeks, this was close enough.

Tonight was my last chance to play with DS3 until his Christmas vacation. Saturday he returns to college. Me, I had one assist, I missed the goal three times and caught some passes and missed some passes.  My brother the weatherman was there as well.  I don’t think he had any goals tonight. DS3 played well, he had no goals either. At some point he lost the screw that holds the head to the shaft and the head came off the shaft. This ended his night early since nobody had an extra screw. So he sat and hung out with his girlfriend until the game was over. Tonight, for whatever reason, was a passing and catching optional evening. It seems like everybody has a case of the dropped ball or errant pass.

My leg, as of this moment, good as gold. There was no pain tonight in my calf. I was quite surprised. I played slower than usual do give my leg a chance.  It was a lot of fun playing again. I hate watching and not playing my game.

Today I got a new camera to replace my 8-year-old digital camera. The old camera, like my car, had over 200,000 miles or it’s equivalent. The replacement camera is a Cannon Rebel T4i. I got two lens with it, one is an 18 – 135 mm and the other is a 70 – 300 mm. Part of my weekend will be reading the 400 page manual and taking lots of boring pictures as I learn my way around.

Tonight’s picture is of my DW.  This is the first picture that I took with the camera. Enjoy!


Walk a half mile in my shoes..

And then walk back  to the beginning.  This evening my DW and I went for a walk on the beach after dinner. It is funny that we don’t do this more often since the beach is only 7 miles away. Note to self: walk on the beach more often before it gets too cold.  One of the reasons we walked tonight was to stretch my leg out after not really exercising much for the last three weeks.  Tomorrow night I plan on playing lacrosse with DS3 and hopefully my brother the weatherman. Note to my brother: I will have some cucumbers for you tomorrow night. His cucumbers did not flourish like ours did this year.

On our drive to the beach we stopped by the B&B Department Store to see DS3 at his place of employment. Tonight was his last day of work for the summer. Note to DS3: your careless driving ticket cost 87 dollars to pay. See the receipt in the Drop Box. Wow, I’m full of side bars tonight. Sorry for the tangents.  He would not let me use the bathroom at his job. They don’t have “Public Restrooms”. I told him I was not the public, I was his father. It did not matter. I got the whole story about safety and blah, blah..  They also did not have any hats that fit my head. I have a rather xl or xl plus sized head. No wonder I never shopped there before.

Work for me was crazy, again. I just smile and do my thing. The call situation is a little clearer today. Seems that one of the two support people not currently in the call rotation will now become part of it. The other person is going back to college and will only be working part-time. There are still a few more fish to fry on this topic with Lumbergh. I have not yet surrendered.

My DW worked most of the day. It seems that the bean counters are finally looking at her unit and the overtime situation.  The overtime situation for me is great. The extra pay always helps. The hospital does not seem committed to solving the problem, just making it look like they are doing something. The doctors dictate the schedule and have done so for years. The hospital has to staff for the doctors needs without concern for overtime. Good luck solving that one.

DS2 just got home from the deli. He has two more days of work to go. DS1 has one more day to go as the boss man. He said that he and some of the “south of the border” employees shared a watermelon at the end of the day.  They do not put hot sauce on  watermelon. Only on cucumbers.

Tonight’s picture is of my DW on the beach in Ship Bottom, NJ.  Enjoy!



Lumbergh is going to make me work..

This weekend, I just know it. Ahh. Another gratuitous quote from the movie Office Space.  Where reality and Dilbert meet to form the perfect place of employment. So, Mr. Lumbergh or the guy with the pointy hair from Dilbert, or whatever you might call your boss, sent one of those emails today.  What, you say that you own the business? Then you probably have sent that email, or several of them.  This particular email informed us non-support types that we would be expected to start picking up after hours call shifts.

Hmmm, the email said that the support department was basically  down to four people so they have to take after hours call once a month. Basically, in that sentence means, kind of, but not exactly. Seems there are two support people that don’t have to take after hours call. Why? Should I ask? I will. I’m not interested or excited about working after hours call. The extra pay is not that good, and you never know what will “walk through the door”. If I’m taking call, then the other two people in support will also. Share the wealth, as it were. We were supposed to have a meeting today at 2 pm to discuss this. You can gather that the meeting did not take place.  File this topic under “too be continued”.

My DW worked a few hours in the middle of the day.  The chief doctor on Tuesday’s had the day off. That left a few cases to be done in the middle of the day.  DS2 had the day off. His car went back to shop and got new exhaust parts and tires. Hopefully this will keep him going until next summer.  DS1, boss man, once again. It’s funny, when he is in charge, he is home at a decent hour.  He took some cucumbers into work to share with his employees. They took the cucumbers and removed the skin and sliced them up and smothered them in hot sauce. Then they devoured them with “mucho gusto”.

DS3 worked the day shift today. Tonight is date night with his girlfriend. They went to dinner and now they are basking in the hot tub. Tick, tock, tick, tock. College time is coming soon.

Tonight’s picture is of some of the items that my DW has collected for the Barnegat Food Pantry. She is on a committee at work and she accepted the challenge to run a food bank drive during August in her hospital They have another two weeks to go. The donations started out slow, but they continue to come in.  Good job honey!  Enjoy!




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