We don’t need no stinkin’ forms..

Dude, I’m about done, stick a fork in me, done.  Tonight’s project was to fill out the applications for student loans for the two children still in college. DS2 will be a Junior at Marywood University in Scranton, Pa in the fall. DS3 will be a Sophomore at the University of Scranton in the fall.  I told my DW tonight that after the children are done with college, the memory that I will attempt to purge is the hot, humid late July or early August nights filling out applications for student loans. The only other time of year that comes close is the FASFA and tax filing time of year.

You don’t have college students yet? Your turn will come unless you married into a rich family. Tuitions at a private 4 year colleges are crazy. Marywood is around 46,000 a year. The University of Scranton is over 50,000 a year.  Yikes! Times four (if you are lucky) years!  Then there are the forms and the websites to dig through and hope that you answer all the questions correctly.  All for love, that is the reason.

Work, both of my horoscopes said that I would be busy, challenged, and more busy today. It is rare that they agree. Also as rare, are the days when either of them are correct. Today, I got it all done and more.  My DW had computer problems at her hospital today. Fortunately, somebody had ordered paper and pens and they were able to keep working. DS1 worked a full day. DS2, off for another day was he. He works now straight through the weekend. DS3 worked his 9 to 5 retail shift today. He and I went down to the high school after dinner to throw around the lacrosse ball. I had my defense stick out tonight. I have not played with it since I returned from Florida in January.

The picture of the day, I posted this one the other day, but DS1 saw this and liked it, so I will post it again. Enjoy!


Hmmm, cake