Typing and sweating x 2..

Monday night blog from the Robbinsville Field House. I just came off the field after playing 60 minutes on attack.  I had no goals tonight. I had three shots on the crease that the goalie stopped. I had a better night catching the ball then most.  This is the first night playing with my new lacrosse head. I am still happy with the job that was done stringing it. It would be great if stringing a lacrosse head was standardized instead of being part all the same and part improvisation.  

Work was busy for me.  There are a few projects that have sat on go for a month now the push is for completion, yesterday.  We’ll see. My DW got chauffeured to work by DS3 since her van remains in the shop. Hopefully it will be fixed tomorrow.  DS1 worked all day. DS3 was off from work today.  DS2 came home this afternoon from his concert last night.  He had some fun stories to tell about the night at dinner.

Tonight’s pictures come from last night’s concert.  I posted a few last night. He sent these pictures after I went to bed.  Enjoy!