Post birthday, birthday..

Yesterday, was the birthday of my oldest child. Did I mention in yesterday’s blog that I never wished him a Happy Birthday yesterday?  I did on Face Book, not in person. By the time I figured out that I forgot, he was out for the night with his friends. His friends did have a party for him.  Tonight we had our party for him. His two friends from Ohio were still visiting the house after their (and our) lacrosse tournament this weekend. We had clams, steamers, burgers, fresh mozzarella, potato salad and cake. Hmmm, cake.  There will be pictures down below from the candle part of the Happy Birthday event.

DS2 is in Philadelphia tonight. He is attending a concert. The band that he went to see is called Sigur Ros. He has been talking about going to this concert since some time in the Spring when the concert was announced. Me, I have no clue about their music. I’m sure I can go on You Tube and find some of their songs. He stopped at Whole Foods for a late lunch and sent a picture that will appear at the bottom. He also sent a few pictures before it got dark.  He is planning to sleep at my cousin’s house outside of Philadelphia and drive home in the morning.

My DW and I went to the tournament this morning and watched DS1 and DS3 play. It was cloudy and humid this morning. They lost their game and the tournament was over. Maybe they will do better next year. For DS3, this was his first post high school tournament. He said that he enjoyed the experience.  Links to the pictures from the tournament can be found here (Day 1) and here (Day 2) .  DS1 is # 22 with the red helmet. DS3 is # 2 with the gold helmet.

Tonight there are quite a few pictures to share.  Enjoy!



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