War at the Shore or I still have my sense of humor..

Today is July 28, 2012. On this date in 1988 our oldest child was born.  Happy Birthday, DS1. We spent most of the day with him and DS3 at a lacrosse tournament in Brick, NJ. The tournament is called the War at the Shore.  DS1 and DS3 played on the same team for the first time ever (in a tournament). It was a lot of fun to see both of your lacrosse playing children playing on the same team and on the field at the same time.

The day started at 5:45 am when I got up and headed to the shower. Our first game was not until 9:20 am. The field is about 45 minutes away from our home. We had house guests from Ohio today and they had a 8:15 am game. DS3 and I went up early to get a good parking space and to watch their game. They lost their first game and won their second game. My children’s team, lost both games that they played.

Around lunch time a tremendous thunderstorm engulfed the fields and suspended play for two hours. After the weather cleared, a few more game were played then the thunderstorms came back and ended the day. We had two cars in Brick today since I went to the field early and my DW came up about an hour later. On the way home in the tremendous rain storm the fan belt came off her van, again. This is a problem that will be solved this coming week. I sent my family home in my old van and I stayed with her van until the tow truck came.

The first tow truck was rickety. I mean, I thought we were going to need a tow truck for the tow truck. We drove south about half way to the mechanic and the driver needed to stop at his office and put my van on another truck with a different driver. The second driver was not as competent as the first. This truck was not as scary, but scary. The driver put my van on the back of the second tow truck and headed down the parkway. The  van was mostly straight on the back of the truck. As the driver went down the parkway the truck started to sway to the left, the driver corrected to the right. The truck swayed to the right and the driver corrected to the left. The truck started to oscillate from side to side. Fortunately the driver slowed down and got the truck under control before we crashed.

I spent the entire drive down the parkway with my eyes closed and breathing. Wondering how far I could drive the van without a fan belt and if that would be safer than the old, really old, tow trucks. In the end, we got to the mechanics and all is good. Scary.  DS1’s Explorer got brakes and tires today. I drove that vehicle home from the mechanics after the tow truck dropped the van off.  Stressful? A little bit.

I went to the local pizza place to pick up a sandwich for dinner. In the picture below you will see my sunburn from the day. I used sun tan lotion, maybe not enough or early enough. I walked in and told the girl at the counter my name and what I was picking up. She looked up from her register and notice my sunburned face. I said “Do you think I got too much sun today?” She did not know what to say. She replied, “Maybe a little bit”. The guy next to her said “That means you had a good day outside”. You know, I did.  And, I still have my sense of humor.

Pictures with captions, enjoy!