WFH Friday, Yea!..

Today was a Work From Home Friday for me. Unlike many work from home Friday’s, this one was fairly productive.  I picked some more tomatoes and cucumbers from the garden today.  This will be a picture at the bottom. I also ground up 3 more one gallon bags of tomatoes. During the winter months my DW will take these bags of ground up tomatoes out of the freezer and make sauce for pasta.  We still have lots of cucumbers to either give away or make pickles out of. That may be Sunday’s project.

My DW worked a few hours of over time again tonight. DS1 was home on time as were DS2 and DS3.  DS1 dropped off his truck to have the brakes done. Next week he may put tires on his truck. One thing at a time. Tomorrow DS1 and DS3 are playing in a lacrosse tournament in Brick, NJ.  We will be back to the sidelines once again watching the children play lacrosse.  DS1 has two college friends coming over this evening to sleep over since they live in Ohio and are playing in the tournament this weekend.

Tonight’s picture is of the tomatoes and cucumbers from the garden Enjoy!