Thursday thunderstorms..

Lots of media hype, a few really cool pictures from my brother in NYC. Not much, so far, here in South Jersey. We had some rain, the outside temperature dropped 10 degrees, not much lightning and thunder. We may still get our chance in a few hours since there appears to be another line of thunderstorms heading across the southern part of the state.  Tonight was supposed to be “The music is too loud”  Thursday night lacrosse. Based on my brother’s forecast, we did not head north to play. I got an email 30 minutes after the start time for the game that tonight was cancelled. We need to work on that timing.

Instead of going north, DS1, DS3 and I went to the local high school to throw around. I had my new lacrosse head strung last night by the son of a friend.  He did a good job stringing the head. I am very happy with how it throws.  DS1 was looking for a little warm up since he and DS3 are playing in a tournament this weekend.  We only lost one ball tonight.

Work was busy for me. My DW worked late again tonight. DS1 was home by 6:45 pm. This is early for him. DS2 was supposed to be off today and tomorrow. He picked up shifts for both days when somebody called out for both days. His 24 hour work week will now total 37.5 hours. He is happy to get the extra time. DS3 worked today. He was supposed to be off tomorrow but found hours as well. Looks like I will be working from home, alone, tomorrow. That is not a bad thing.

Tonight’s pictures are courtesy of my brother the weatherman in NYC.  Enjoy!