Continued confusion..

Those two words describe my work day today. I got up early and worked from 7 am to 10 am at home. I had a customer with 13 computers that needed upgrading and they wanted to get most of the work done before they opened. I got the work done, then I showered and headed into the office.  The rest of the day was disjointed, people call, say they will call back, never do, then everybody calls back at the same time, then they all leave early for the day. Total confusion. I started lots of things today, I don’t think I finished many of them. I am from the start – then – finish school of work. Not the start five jobs and have them all carry over to the next day or days.

My DW worked two plus hours of overtime tonight. I was home before her. She told me this morning that yoga last night was fine, but some of the poses she modified since they hurt her left hand. DS1 was home early. Early for him. He was home by 6:30 pm. DS3 worked the 8:30 to 5 pm shift at the B & B Department store. He spent some of the day outside in the 95 degree heat selling beach chairs.  When asked about the stores return policy, DS3 told the customer (a man) that beach chairs and such were not returnable. Of course, you could take the chair to the beach, use it and return it. They are not a rental business. The customer yelled at DS3.  Nice.

DS2 has just returned from work. He was scheduled to work until 9 pm but he wiggled his way into staying an extra hour. He has figured out how to beat the schedule queen at work. An hour here, an hour there and you can have nearly 40 hours by the end of the week.  Hopefully they don’t get wise to his plan before he heads back to school.  No other excitement so far today.

Tonight’s picture is from yesterday. DS3 was at a pool party with some friends. Enjoy!