Monday night in NJ..

Monday night lacrosse, hour two is currently underway.  The old guys are resting, critiquing the play of the young guys.  Typical post game bull session minus the beer.  Whoever is on beer detail tonight was a no-show. DS3 and I played on the same team tonight.  I was never open when he had the ball. I had five shots tonight and on goal!  That is pretty good for me. The goalie we faced stopped four point-blank shots from me. We all had a good time.

So far, no catastrophes today. The day is still young.  Work for me was busy, busy. After the phones being out at the office for two days, there was quite a bit of pent-up demand for help. I got to work early, worked through my lunch and left late. Not my idea of working for the man.  My DW had a full day. Her hand seems better, or at least she is not favoring it and suffering in pain ( that I can tell). She went to yoga tonight while we played lacrosse.

DS1 worked a full day. He should be asleep when we finally get home tonight and out of the house before I get up.  DS2 was off today.  DS3 was off today. I know DS3 was at a friend’s house swimming at some point today. The a/c is back on, again. 90 today, mid 90’s tomorrow.  Summer time weather.
Here is a picture from the visitor gallery looking at the field.  Enjoy!