Take human bites..

Cut your food up smaller. Don’t stuff all that in your mouth at once. Are you a parent? Parent to be? Maybe you are the child that heard these words. Here’s a true story from today.  Tonight we had lobster for dinner. They are on-sale at the Shop Rite. We also had salt potatoes, fresh mozzarella, shrimp cocktail and cucumbers sliced with Tzatziki Dipping sauce. Of course, the lobster and the salt potatoes were served with butter. Hmmm.

At dinner tonight was my DW, DS1 and I. DS2 and DS3 were working. I cooked the lobsters and the salt potatoes and dinner was ready at 7 pm. At 7:05 DS1 decides that he can eat an entire lobster tail without either cutting it up or taking the time to chew it. He starts to choke. He is sitting next to my DW, the nurse. He chokes, bangs on the table and is in distress. My DW tells him to stand up and does the Heimlich maneuver on him, twice. I think the first one was enough, but she made sure.

He was able to breathe again. She was in shock, he was trying to maintain his macho bravado. Me, I was glad she was able to clear his airway. He said  “I’m a little light-headed” and the proceeded to continue eating his dinner. Wow, dodged another Sunday night bullet.  Later when she walked into the tv room where he was watching tv, he thanked her. She said “What for?” He said “Thank you for saving my life.” Maybe a little dramatic, but proper training kicks in an emergency.

The rest of the day was fine. Tonight’s blog was going to be about my bike ride. I finally found the time to take my bike out of the shed. Back in April during the warm Spring, I had my bike serviced so that it would be ready to ride. I had no idea that the first ride of the year would be on July 22. My bike, is a Trek, the kind you pedal.  I rode 27 miles today. My butt hurts from the seat, my legs are a little sore. Now if I can keep riding, the body will get used to the seat time again.

Tonight’s pictures have captions. Enjoy!