Time to start a new streak..

Last night, there was no blog published. Guilty as charged. Thursday night’s blog was published around 12:20 am on Friday, maybe that means that blog cover both days. Written across the midnight hour and published.  No excuse. We went out to dinner (DW, DS2 and I) and we had a few beers, sang along with the musician of the evening and had a decent meal. When we got home, the week’s stress caught up to me and I fell asleep in the chair. I woke up, took out my contacts and went to bed.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Friday morning started out with torrential rain here in New Jersey. My DW hurt her hand at work the day before and went into work early to have a doctor look at it. Her manager wrote up the incident report and then it was decided that she should leave the hospital (where they have doctors) and drive 25 minutes north to the hospital system’s employee health doctor. She drove her van up the GSP and at some point about 10 or so minutes before she got to the office the fan belt came off her van. She lost the power steering, brakes, electrical system and the van started to overheat. Luckily she was able to make it to the doctor’s office. She called me to tell me her woes and then went in for her appointment.

I drove in the same rainstorm 25 miles to see what the problem was. As I drove up to her van I could see the fan belt hanging down under the car. I talked to my mechanic and it was decided that I would have the van towed back to Manahawkin for repair. It was not driveable. The tow truck that was dispatched to 2 + hours to get to us. I spoke to the towing company several times during the two-hour wait to be told it would be another 20 minutes. That lady (dispatcher) lied to me. No way around that statement.  I complained to the Allstate Roadside people about the towing company and told them that she had been lying to me for the last two hours.

The truck finally shows up and we head back home, the van heads to the shop. The van had been in the shop the day before for tires and suspension parts. The mechanic called later in the afternoon to say that there was nothing wrong with the car, and sometimes the fan belts just come off in the rain in Dodge mini-vans. The best part was he did not charge us to put the belt back on. We did have towing expense (again).  I have a call into my insurance agent about maybe increasing the towing limits for our cars. Maybe that is a knee jerk reaction to all the towing bills this week.

Work, the phones were out all day Friday at work. Hopefully whomever is responsible will have them working by Monday morning.  Saturday morning, DS1 went to work early. DS3 had work at 11 am. My DW, DS2 and I went a graduation party in Fairfield. We stopped in Brick and picked up her mom and step dad and drove them to the party. The party was nice. I met my brother the weatherman’s boss of 15 years at the party. He is some how related to the father of the child who graduated from high school this year.  The ride up and back, uneventful. Nice.

Tonight’s pictures come from today’s party. Enjoy!