In the dog house again..

Or maybe the title should be Get out Your Pitchforks and Torches..  I’m trying to take the high road here.  Maybe I should ask myself, self “Why are you taking the high road?”  Like most things, there is a story in this. Tonight is Thursday, July 19, 2012. On Thursday nights we play lacrosse outside under the lights in Manalapan, NJ.  This is our second year using this field and playing in the evening. We start around 8 pm and end around 10 pm.  So far so good.

Each night that I go to play, I bring an amp that I plug my Sirius satellite player into. We listen to Alt Nation while playing lacrosse. I place the amp as far as the extension cord will reach, aim it towards the field and away from the houses. We play lacrosse and listen to music. We were asked one night last year to turn it down, we were still playing after 10 pm that night and it was only fair to the neighbors to turn the music down.

Tonight, at 9:30 the Manalapan police came by and asked us to turn the music down. It really was not any louder than any other night.  The heat wave broke and I guess people opened their windows and could hear the music.  I walked over to the amp and turned it down from three to two. One third reduction. I looked towards the road and there were two men and a women giving me the evil eye.  They started walking towards me I figured, oh boy, angry neighbors.  I turned the amp down from two to one.  Two thirds reduction. The police car continued to sit 100 yards away in the parking lot.

The people came over and started yelling at me about the music. I told them that we play lacrosse and listen to music  every week for the last two years…  The women started screaming at me about a noise ordinance and that the music was not allowed. Again, I pointed out that we had been doing this for two years. I told her that the police asked us to turn the music down, and I did. That’s it. And, if they talk to the policeman and he tells me to turn it off, I will. I said, go and talk to him!  The woman yells back “You won’t play that music tomorrow night!’ I calmly replied “We are not playing lacrosse tomorrow night”. I think that made her even more angry.

So again, I calmly told her, the policeman told us to turn it down, I did.  If he wants me to turn it off, have him tell me that. Then I told them to have a nice day and I walked away. I’m not 19 years old. I don’t rattle that easy. After I walked away the policeman drove over and they talked to him for a few more minutes. Then they walked home and he drove away. And the music stayed on, at a lower volume.  Maybe next week the neighbors will come down to the field with their torches and pitchforks.  And, I looked up the noise ordinance for Manalapan, quiet time is 11 pm to 6 am.

Me, no goals, missed one shot and lost two passes as I tried to shoot them. I think my brother the weatherman had a goal. I know that DS3 had a goal. We had a good time.

Pictures, hmm. I can always find a picture. See the caption. Enjoy!


DS2 at Christmas 2009. It looks like he is looking for something under the chair..


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