Tuesday, calm day..

After the last two days, having a calm day is nice. I thinks just a few short updates will cover the day:

  • Uncle Dude is still in the hospital. They found a blood clot in his head and are treating it with blood thinners. He hopes to get out on Wednesday
  • DS3’s car continues to sit at the mechanics. They were too busy to look at it today.
  • Today was our second straight day of 90 plus temperatures and high humidity. I’m sure that contributed to the mechanic being too busy to look at the Mustang
  • I picked a dozen cucumbers and ten or twelve tomatoes today. We (DW and I) be taking cucumbers into work tomorrow to give away. Tomorrow we will grind up our first bag of tomatoes for the freezer. This winter they will make a great sauce
  • Today we had our first taste of the Bread and Butter pickles that we made on Saturday. I have pictures and such from that fun. They will show up this week in blog.
  • We went out to dinner to celebrate as a family last night. We went to Makoto Hibachi and Sushi for dinner. The food was real good. We celebrated DS1’s birthday two weeks early since we were there.
  • All three boys worked today.  My DW and I worked full days as well.
  • The college loan season has started for us. I am waiting for more information from the schools so that we can finalize applications.
  • I am reading a new book on my DW’s Kindle. This book is a digital library download. Books to your house without ever leaving home.

Tonight’s pictures come from dinner last night. Enjoy!