Why make plans..

Unless you want to hear God (yours, mine, theirs?) laugh at you. After writing last night, I was ready to unwind and relax my way out of the day. That relax word is a code for a little rum and then bed time. I got a call from DS3 who had been up to NYC earlier in the day with friends and was driving home as I wrote last night’s blog. He was driving on the GSP and hydroplaned off the highway near Mile Marker 105. He was ok. He is ok. No physical damage to him, thank God.

The car, you can see for yourself in the pictures below. Last night DS2 and I drove up to Red Bank (50 miles) in the same thunderstorm to get him and bring him home. The car was towed to a shop in Red Bank. Does the town name seem familiar? It may be, this is the same town where DS2 had his three eye surgeries last year.  We got home around 1 am. I could not sleep.

This morning I took a personal day and drove back to Red Bank to be there when the business opened at 9 am. I have heard enough towing yard horror stories to not want his car sitting here any longer than possible. They would not release the car to me. I own it, by the way. The guy at the towing yard said since it was towed in, it had to be towed out.  He said the car was not drivable. He had not even seen the car. His rational, if the state trooper had it towed, it must not be drivable. In the rain, thunderstorm, dark 10 pm at night, the state trooper can access if the car can be driven? Maybe they teach a course at the academy called tow or no tow away, at night, in the rain.

I called Allstate Roadside and they sent a tow truck to get the car. The car got a ride on the flatbed back to town. Last night, 170.00 towing and recovery. Today, 192.00 towing. The mechanic is going to look at the car tomorrow. And yes, I know that DS3 is safe and cars can be replaced or repaired. It was not in my plans…  Do you hear the laughter? I do.

Here are the pictures. The dark ones are from last night. Enjoy (I guess)!


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