Two posts in one day, what’s with that..

Today in the mail DS1 got his official diploma from Wheeling Jesuit University. WOW!

There you go.  We were wondering if they were ever going to send his diploma. He played four years of DII lacrosse starting all four years. He went back for a fifth year, one semester to take care of a few classes he missed during the four years. Then in November of 2011 they discovered another class that needed to be passed so he could graduate. He took that class at the local community college this spring. He passed the course and sent his transcript to WJU.  Today, they sent the diploma.


In 24 hours we sat in the rain listening to steel drums, drove through a huge thunderstorm to rescue DS3 who beat up his car, rescued the car from the impound lot unscathed, DS3 started a new job this morning and DS1 is officially a college graduate. Me, I’m emotionally exhausted. We are going out to celebrate! And we have lots to celebrate. Tomorrow is another day.

Here are pictures of DS1 with his diploma.  Enjoy! Really enjoy!


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