Weekend recap or why we sat in the rain..

 Where to begin?  Maybe with the most important part of the weekend. I got a new bottle of rum today, one that I have never tried before. This one is called Ron Atlantico, Private Cask. It is made in the Dominican Republic.  This company does not distill rum, they purchase rum and blend and age the rum and then sell the finished product. I was very happy with the first sample before dinner. The rum is very smooth with a very distinct vanilla flavor.  Two thumbs up to the rum mixers that created the finished product.

The next order of business is that Uncle Dude is in the hospital. Who is Uncle Dude you ask?  This link will take you the blog from September 6, 2011 where the origin of Uncle Dude is explained. He had a TIA on Friday afternoon. Basically a mini-stroke.  He is doing much better today.  The loss of feeling has gone away and his speech is fine. The doctors ordered lots of tests over the weekend. Tomorrow he is going to find out the outcome of those tests. He has had a headache for the last week. He hopes the doctors can figure why.

 Rain? We sat out in the rain drinking boat drinks and listening to a steel drum player. One of the local restaurants has changed hands. One of their new plans is to create a tiki area and have an outdoor bar, music and such each Sunday afternoon. This week was the first time. It rained. Actually, there were torrential, tropical, thunderstorms.  We missed the first round of storms since we were still home. We sat through the second, third and fourth round of storms. Another couple that had staked out a table with an umbrella invited us to sit with them, out of the rain. The music was good, the air was warm, the other couple were nice people, the drinks were cold,.. we got wet. The umbrella was “water-resistant” not “water-proof”. No big deal, the bar was only 10 minutes from home. We had a good time. Some laughs, some drinks, some rain.

DS1 is returning home, or so, this evening. He spent the weekend in Ohio at the wedding of a college friend. Currently he is in Atlanta. His flight gets him into Philadelphia around 12:20 am Monday. He will sleep at his friend’s apartment in Philadelphia Sunday night (early Monday morning) and go straight to work on Monday. He should be back home Monday night. DS2 worked today. DS3 went into NYC with some of his college ROTC friends. He currently is driving home. He starts his new job tomorrow morning at 8:30 am.

There is still more from the weekend to share. I will save it for a slow news day during the week. Tonight’s pictures have captions. Enjoy!




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