Calorie equivalent?..

Late night posting here in New Jersey. Today being Thursday, we (DS3 and I) have just returned from playing lacrosse in Manalapan.  We had a good group of guys tonight. There were enough players to field two full teams with about 5 substitutes on each side. And, we had two goalies!  Me, no hits, no runs, no errors (as they say in baseball). I did run around a lots and I worked up a good sweat.

Tonight there is no good rum in the house. I finished it last night and failed to replenish the stock during the day. I will remedy the problem tomorrow. I decided to have a Klondike Bar in place of the rum. My thought was equivalent calories?  I did  a little web research shows that 80 proof hard liquor has 100 calories per ounce. If I have two ounces that would be 200 calories. The Klondike Bar (as near I can tell) has 240 calories. So, not exactly equivalent. But I did run around chasing younger lacrosse players for 90 minutes. That should count for something.

I am off to bed. The picture of the day is of DS1. He posted this on Facebook today. He told me later in the day that he was spraying pesticides today. I’m not exactly sure I am happy with that. I would not want him to grow an extra thumb. Enjoy!


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