Should have gotten off the..

After dinner tonight I had big plans. I was going to take my DW to the beach. We were going to walk some and have some ice cream and a romantic moment. The reality is that we both were tired and went to our respective couch/chair and read our books. How boring is that?  Maybe tomorrow night we will give it a go, as they say.

My DW made Zatarain’s Dirty Rice  with ground beef for dinner. I really like it as does DS3. MY DW had some on her plate that she did not finish.  She shared her plate with me and DS3 and told me that she does not really care for Dirty Rice. Hmm, she has been making and eating it for years. That’s love for sure.

DS1 us heading to Ohio for a wedding on Friday. One of his college friends is getting hitched.  He worked today and will be working tomorrow. I think he is off on Friday. He was home by 7 pm tonight. In the house, change of clothes and off to the gym.  DS2 is at work until 11 pm tonight.  DS3 is here watching tv or playing video games.  He continues to fill out job applications and visit places trying to make that connection.

Tonight’s pictures come from November 2006 when DS1 played in a collge recruiting lacrosse showcase. He is dressed in red. Enjoy!