Post lacrosse picture.  Tonight, we returned to Robbinsville to play lacrosse indoors.  The outdoor temperature today came back down to a reasonable level. Inside the building it was quite warm.  We had a good turnout for the old man game. Twenty field players and 15 substitutes including two extra goalies. Most nights we are lucky to have two goalies.

Ping is the sound the metal goal makes when you shoot the ball and it hits the goal post.  I had one good pass tonight, which I caught and then I shot hitting the top pipe. Rats. I’m happy that I caught the ball and shot it at the goal. DS3 had a couple of shots but none went in.

Work was summer Monday morning busy. Somebody or more than one somebody are out on vacation and everybody has to pitch in to get the work done. My DW was off today. She had an appointment with the retina doctor. She is fine and needs to come back in a year.  DS1 worked. I have not yet seen him today. He left before I was up and will be asleep when we get home after 11 pm.  DS2 worked the late afternoon into the night shift.  I will see him when I get home.  DS3 did some job searching and drove his mother to and from the doctor’s office.

Post drive home update..  Everybody is in bed. My DW mentioned when I kissed her good night that they worked very hard in her yoga class tonight.  I’m glad I went to play lacrosse.  DS3 is going over to sleep at a friend’s house. Good night moon.

Tonight’s other picture comes from April 28, 2012. DS3 and his birthday friend. Enjoy!