Better get a bigger boat..

Chief Brody said in the movie Jaws “You’re gonna need a bigger boat”  I’m sure you have seen the original Jaws movie. I certainly have. One of the guys I play lacrosse with twice a year was an extra in the beach scenes in the first Jaws movie. A claim to fame for him, I guess. Why the Jaws references tonight? Could it be the closing of the beaches on Cape Cod this past week after a 14 foot Great White Shark was spotted of the beach.  Here is a link to a new article about it. Or maybe the real reason we are talking about sharks tonight is that we had Mako Shark steaks for dinner.  Probably the second reason, the first is more exciting.

We went to Ahearn’s Seafood Market today after grocery shopping. This business is owned by people that I was (and still am) friends with when I worked in the seafood business (past life).  We stop by each week on our way to the grocery store to see what is in the case so we can decide what is for dinner on Sunday night. Sunday night dinner is usually the meal where everybody (if possible) attends.  They had fresh local Mako Shark in the case today. 7.99 per pound for boneless steaks. Since I know the owners they brought out some more steaks for me to choose from.  I cooked the steaks under the broiler for about 12 minutes. Before they went under the flame I coated the steaks with Cardini Caesar Salad Dressing. The dressing keeps the fish from drying out and the kids like the flavor.

DS3 brought his current girlfriend over for dinner. She is not much of a seafood eater. He mother told her that she was to try the shark steak. I gave her two small pieces and she ate them both. There is hope for her. Along with our shark we had pan sautéed zucchini with onions. This was served with fresh (from the garden chopped up tomatoes), chopped up nectarine, fresh parsley and balsamic vinegar. I also put some of this tomato stuff on top of my fish. We had fresh mozzarella (really?), fresh crab fingers, cocktail shrimp and nectarine slices. Everybody found something that they liked. Everyone had the shark, DS2 did not have any zucchini, everyone else did. Dessert was a Klondike Bar.

Starting the Sunday seafood festival were the fresh mussels in white wine sauce that my DW and I enjoyed for lunch. Click on the link for the recipe. She is trying to go gluten-free so we omitted the flour. The rest of the recipe we followed. She did take a few small pieces of bread to dip in the sauce.

Tonight’s picture is of the shark we ate for dinner. Not really, just a screen capture from the Jaws movie.  Enjoy!