Banging out a Saturday..

What did you do today? Today was Saturday, July 7, 2012. I started the day off taking DS2 to Best Buy to buy an IPad 3. He will have enough money next week so I helped him out for a week. After we went IPad shopping, I came home and learned how to replace the window motor in a 2001 Ford Mustang, driver’s door.  The motor was sticking in the up or down position occasionally when it was hot from use.  BTW, it has been hot here for the last two weeks.  DS3 got stuck with the window down one night during a thunderstorm.

We found the correct part on Amazon (go figure) and it came on the UPS truck Thursday afternoon.  I played lacrosse Thursday night and worked on Friday. This left Saturday morning to be the first chance to work on the problem.  Weather forecast for today, 100 degrees!  When I got home from Best Buy DS3 had the door panel off and was waiting for me.  We took some more parts off and we were not exactly sure how to proceed. I was a window motor replacement virgin. DS3 says that he was watching a video on how to replace the motor online. I asked “What do we do next?” His answer ” I did not watch the entire video”.  Hmmm, let’s got watch the video.

In the old days you would have purchased the manual for the car and then attempted to repair it. Now, you do a You Tube search and follow the steps. What a world. We watched the removal part and went back outside and removed the old motor. Then we watched the replacement part of the video and put it back together. It took us a couple of hours in the mid 90 degree heat, but the window goes up and down. 

I picked three cucumbers, three cherry tomatoes, two medium-sized tomatoes and one blueberry from the garden today. One blueberry..  There will be a few more cherry tomatoes this week and several cucumbers to pick by next Friday. My DW has all the parts ready to make a new batch of bread and butter pickles.

Children, DS1 worked from 8 am to 2 pm watering plants. Then he spent some time on LBI having dinner and such with a high school friend. DS2 worked the afternoon shift.  This evening he is playing with his new IPad. He is an Apple user stuck in a Windows home.  DS3 did some errands early, then worked with me to get his car fixed. He took an afternoon nap and now he and DS1 have a fire in the fire pit in the backyard. Me, I’m going to bed. Tomorrow is another day.

Tonight’s picture is of our wallets. My brother the weatherman “lost” his wallet on Thursday night after playing lacrosse. On Saturday (today)  he went to DMV and the bank replacing the lost items. When he got home, one of his children gave him his wallet back. Or, he found it while my brother was out replacing the contents. I’m not exactly sure of the sequence of events.  I figured he might enjoy pictures of our wallets. Maybe not..  Large family humor.