Nothing better than..

A good haircut.  Maybe better, is when you have the shampoo person (usually a young lady) wash your hair while you close your eyes and enjoy the sensations of someone massaging the top of your head as they wash your hair.  Ahhh (get your mind out of the gutter) this is the life.  What can I say? It is a decadent pleasure in a life that does not have many. One of the worst things in life (small worst) is when your children are younger and they want to talk to you and ask you questions while the shampoo person washes your hair.  That is a ruined moment.  I went today to get my hair cut, you probably figured that. I arranged for DS2 to get his first. He took his car and I took mine. That way when he is done, he can…leave. Now you understand.

Life today. I worked from home. I kept pretty busy for a Friday. My DW was supposed to go into work at 1 pm. They cancelled her shift since the patient she was going to work with was not ready for their procedure. She had the day off. DS1 worked at the tree farm. He was telling my DW what plants we  should plant in the backyard when we build our fire pit/outdoor entertaining area. He went to the beach for a swim after work. DS2 was off today. He working all weekend. DS3 remains unemployed. He has been enjoying his summer vacation with his new girlfriend this week.

Tonight’s picture is of one of the many rabbits that live in our neighborhood. This one looks like it got too close to a dog or something (notice the ear). This rabbit was waiting for me to leave for work yesterday so he could go back to eating. Enjoy!