Better stay upwind..

What is that smell? Oh, we just got back from playing lacrosse for 90 minutes in the mid 80 degree heat.  It could be the lacrosse gear, the sweat soaked clothes or maybe it is some socks. I think the closer explanation would that my lacrosse play tonight was stinky and the smell followed me home. I was not focused tonight. No shots, very few passes caught.  I did not get hurt, so the night was not a total loss.

I played with DS3 and my brother the weatherman. He runs and runs and runs. Lacrosse skills = ok, but he can run and run.  It was fun to watch him match up against my youngest.  The box score for LimeGuy and family for the night goes like this, LimeGuy, no shots, no assists, no goals. DS3 several shots, no goals and no assists. The weatherman had one goal and maybe an assist. I’m not sure. You could say (I might want to say ) that we (DS3 and I) let my brother/his uncle have the glory tonight.  That was not the case, at least for me.

My only question of the night is this, of the three guys playing attack, I would consider myself the weakest link. Not for a lack of trying, but I played defense for 7 seven years and attack for 9 months. I did not play in high school or college. So why, here’s the question, were the two best defenders on the other team draped on my shoulders all night?  Were they afraid I might score a goal? We had fun, that is the bottom line.

Recently DS1 went to Ohio for a reunion/bachelor’s party with some of his college friends. Here is a picture off Facebook of the group. DS1 is the first one on  left side. Enjoy!