LimeGuy goes Blueberry picking..

I have been blueberry picking here in South Jersey for at least 20 years. Not every year, but most years. I blogged last July about blueberry picking with DS3. We picked 33 lbs of blueberries is about 2 hours. This year we went back to the same farm and they were closed. I was stumped. I could have called them, but we are in the middle of the picking season, how could they be closed? The sign said that they were closed until July 9. Are they on a cruise or what?  I got on the internet on my phone and found another u-pick blueberry farm about 15 minutes away.

We drove to the alternate blueberry farm. It was on the same route that we travel each Monday night to play lacrosse. The farm has a few important signs for visitors. The first sign said that one adult could accompany two children. The farm is a working farm, not a playground.  Hmm, ok. The second sign told the pickers (us) that we could eat some berries while we picked but if we “grazed like a cow” we would be asked to leave. I did not notice any “cow catchers” while we were working in the fields.  In my time a cow catcher might be found on the front of a train to push the errant cows off the train tracks. Modern times I guess.

We climbed on the farm wagon which in the fall would take us pumpkin picking and sat down. We had our buckets that we tied around our waist and our big bucket to hold our treasures (picked blueberries in this instance). I looked around and was surprised to see that of the twenty or so people going blueberry picking, 15 or so of them were Japanese. I have been picking for 20 plus years and can’t say that I have ever seen a Japanese person, nor 15 of them, blueberry picking. Maybe they had a structured tour. The children had the pasty white skin that come from too much video game playing and not enough time outside.

The biggest disappointment of the day was that the berries at this farm were small. The berries were for the most part plentiful, but the size was lacking. Last year in two hours we picked 33 lbs. This year in two hours we picked 10 lbs.  And we worked for that 10 lbs. I will go back to last years farm when they re-open. Hopefully their berries this year will be as nice as last year. We gave some to DS3’s girlfriends family, froze most of them and left about a cup or so fresh to snack on.  The temperature in the field, easily 90 degrees.

Here are two pictures and a video from today’s adventure. I’m not really happy with the quality of the video. I’m not sure why the quality is like it is. Enjoy!