No dog whisperer..

Job wanted: 19-year-old college sophomore looking for work until mid-August.  Bright, clean, resourceful. Not afraid to get dirty. Past jobs include: big dog group leader for four star pet salon, shoe salesmen to the rich and famous and french fry king.  Motivated future employee with a car and drivers license.  Currently enrolled in Army ROTC program at the University of Scranton.   Comment with thoughts, thanks… DS3

DS3 found himself unemployed this afternoon. He was not happy at the bark and biscuit this year. Last summer he came home everyday with a smile on his face talking about the dogs and how he liked the job. This year, bitten twice, one dollar an hour pay cut from last year, he just was not enjoying the job. What changed? Maybe it was him. He is a year older and a college student. He has been watching the Dog Whisperer and I guess trying to use some of those techniques to control the dogs. His employer did not agree with his methodology and fired him this afternoon. Hence the job wanted ad.

Life goes on. My DW was on call Sunday and had to go in to work Sunday night around 10 pm. Someone had not swallowed their dinner properly and the ER doctors could not solve the problem. She got back home around 12:30 am.  The procedure (whatever they did) was a success.  And to make things crazier for her, she was scheduled to start the day at 7 am. The other possible start times are 7:30 or 8 am. Maybe the person on call should not have the early shift the first day after their call week just in case something like this happens.  Random thought..

DS1 worked all day. He was home earlier that usual  (7 pm). He had a good day. His company is not hiring until September when the summer help goes back to school.  DS2 was scheduled to be off today but he got called in to work a 5 hour evening shift. The store should be crazy busy due to the vacation people. He made a drink called Horchata today. The recipe can be found here.  He seems to have enjoyed it. I have not yet tasted it.

Dinner tonight was homemade pulled pork. We bought a fresh pork shoulder at the Shop Right yesterday. I cut the meat off the bone and placed the boneless pork in a crock pot. Into the crock pot went a can of Coors Lite, one cup of water and two table spoons of cajun seasoning. I cooked it on low for 8 hours. My DW took about half the cooked pork out and using two forks, she pulled the pork apart. Hence the name. She added Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce to the meat.  This is served on a hamburger bun. It turned out real good. The leftovers are marinating in the refrigerator. The other half went into the freezer for a night when we need something easy for dinner.

Tonight’s picture is of the job wanted applicant.  Enjoy!