Counting our blessings..

A week ago Friday we had the visit of a “100 year” storm which caused our basement to flood. The clean up is over, life appears to be back to normal here. If you live in Ocean County (which we do) you have two choices of regional newspapers. Both are owned by Gannett, the USA Today people. The Asbury Park Press seems to cover Toms River and north and the Press of Atlantic City seems to cover Manahawkin and south. Being that we live on the fringe of both coverage areas, local news is certainly hit or miss. Mostly miss.

Friday night into Saturday a huge thunderstorm line impacted the East Coast south of us into Washington, DC. We heard the thunderstorms that night, but had no adverse effects from the storm. If you read the Asbury Park Press, life goes on. If you read the Press of Atlantic City, the world ended.  The Atlantic City Electric Company’s website tells of 118,000 or so people without power just south of us this Sunday night. We saw some of these people on Saturday at COSTCO buying generators. We (DW and I) were unaware of the devastation to the south of us. There are only 60 or so miles from here to the bottom of NJ.

We looked online today at the Press of Atlantic City’s website and saw some of the pictures from the storm. It was like a hurricane blew though the area. One of my brothers and his wife were in Atlantic City Friday night when they lost power during the storm.  We are counting our blessings. I guess a manageable amount of water in the basement is better than 5 days without power when the temperatures are in the 90’s every day.

Today, we divided and conquered, as usual. We have been at this for many years.  I worked outside, my DW worked inside. The garden is looking good. I have cleaned up and removed the damaged leaves and limbs from last weeks storm. The grass is cut and the garden is watered and fed. My DW took care of her indoor chores. We did our food shopping. Meals, we ate good today. Breakfast was Eggs Benedict. Lunch was fried fluke (local caught fresh fish) with potato salad. Dinner was clams on the grill, corn on the cob, marinated flank steak, salt potatoes and fresh mozzarella. Yum and yum. We had all five of us home for dinner tonight.  That is a special treat with everyone working.

Tonight’s picture is a repeat from April 2012. He is my DW, DS3 and her mother/his grandmother on the campus of the University of Scranton. Enjoy!



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  1. Sam Hutchinson
    Jul 02, 2012 @ 22:23:37

    After surviving a close one I like to listen to this guy’s video


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