We don’t need no stinkin’ forms..

Dude, I’m about done, stick a fork in me, done.  Tonight’s project was to fill out the applications for student loans for the two children still in college. DS2 will be a Junior at Marywood University in Scranton, Pa in the fall. DS3 will be a Sophomore at the University of Scranton in the fall.  I told my DW tonight that after the children are done with college, the memory that I will attempt to purge is the hot, humid late July or early August nights filling out applications for student loans. The only other time of year that comes close is the FASFA and tax filing time of year.

You don’t have college students yet? Your turn will come unless you married into a rich family. Tuitions at a private 4 year colleges are crazy. Marywood is around 46,000 a year. The University of Scranton is over 50,000 a year.  Yikes! Times four (if you are lucky) years!  Then there are the forms and the websites to dig through and hope that you answer all the questions correctly.  All for love, that is the reason.

Work, both of my horoscopes said that I would be busy, challenged, and more busy today. It is rare that they agree. Also as rare, are the days when either of them are correct. Today, I got it all done and more.  My DW had computer problems at her hospital today. Fortunately, somebody had ordered paper and pens and they were able to keep working. DS1 worked a full day. DS2, off for another day was he. He works now straight through the weekend. DS3 worked his 9 to 5 retail shift today. He and I went down to the high school after dinner to throw around the lacrosse ball. I had my defense stick out tonight. I have not played with it since I returned from Florida in January.

The picture of the day, I posted this one the other day, but DS1 saw this and liked it, so I will post it again. Enjoy!


Hmmm, cake






Typing and sweating x 2..

Monday night blog from the Robbinsville Field House. I just came off the field after playing 60 minutes on attack.  I had no goals tonight. I had three shots on the crease that the goalie stopped. I had a better night catching the ball then most.  This is the first night playing with my new lacrosse head. I am still happy with the job that was done stringing it. It would be great if stringing a lacrosse head was standardized instead of being part all the same and part improvisation.  

Work was busy for me.  There are a few projects that have sat on go for a month now the push is for completion, yesterday.  We’ll see. My DW got chauffeured to work by DS3 since her van remains in the shop. Hopefully it will be fixed tomorrow.  DS1 worked all day. DS3 was off from work today.  DS2 came home this afternoon from his concert last night.  He had some fun stories to tell about the night at dinner.

Tonight’s pictures come from last night’s concert.  I posted a few last night. He sent these pictures after I went to bed.  Enjoy!


Post birthday, birthday..

Yesterday, was the birthday of my oldest child. Did I mention in yesterday’s blog that I never wished him a Happy Birthday yesterday?  I did on Face Book, not in person. By the time I figured out that I forgot, he was out for the night with his friends. His friends did have a party for him.  Tonight we had our party for him. His two friends from Ohio were still visiting the house after their (and our) lacrosse tournament this weekend. We had clams, steamers, burgers, fresh mozzarella, potato salad and cake. Hmmm, cake.  There will be pictures down below from the candle part of the Happy Birthday event.

DS2 is in Philadelphia tonight. He is attending a concert. The band that he went to see is called Sigur Ros. He has been talking about going to this concert since some time in the Spring when the concert was announced. Me, I have no clue about their music. I’m sure I can go on You Tube and find some of their songs. He stopped at Whole Foods for a late lunch and sent a picture that will appear at the bottom. He also sent a few pictures before it got dark.  He is planning to sleep at my cousin’s house outside of Philadelphia and drive home in the morning.

My DW and I went to the tournament this morning and watched DS1 and DS3 play. It was cloudy and humid this morning. They lost their game and the tournament was over. Maybe they will do better next year. For DS3, this was his first post high school tournament. He said that he enjoyed the experience.  Links to the www.snapfish.com pictures from the tournament can be found here (Day 1) and here (Day 2) .  DS1 is # 22 with the red helmet. DS3 is # 2 with the gold helmet.

Tonight there are quite a few pictures to share.  Enjoy!



War at the Shore or I still have my sense of humor..

Today is July 28, 2012. On this date in 1988 our oldest child was born.  Happy Birthday, DS1. We spent most of the day with him and DS3 at a lacrosse tournament in Brick, NJ. The tournament is called the War at the Shore.  DS1 and DS3 played on the same team for the first time ever (in a tournament). It was a lot of fun to see both of your lacrosse playing children playing on the same team and on the field at the same time.

The day started at 5:45 am when I got up and headed to the shower. Our first game was not until 9:20 am. The field is about 45 minutes away from our home. We had house guests from Ohio today and they had a 8:15 am game. DS3 and I went up early to get a good parking space and to watch their game. They lost their first game and won their second game. My children’s team, lost both games that they played.

Around lunch time a tremendous thunderstorm engulfed the fields and suspended play for two hours. After the weather cleared, a few more game were played then the thunderstorms came back and ended the day. We had two cars in Brick today since I went to the field early and my DW came up about an hour later. On the way home in the tremendous rain storm the fan belt came off her van, again. This is a problem that will be solved this coming week. I sent my family home in my old van and I stayed with her van until the tow truck came.

The first tow truck was rickety. I mean, I thought we were going to need a tow truck for the tow truck. We drove south about half way to the mechanic and the driver needed to stop at his office and put my van on another truck with a different driver. The second driver was not as competent as the first. This truck was not as scary, but scary. The driver put my van on the back of the second tow truck and headed down the parkway. The  van was mostly straight on the back of the truck. As the driver went down the parkway the truck started to sway to the left, the driver corrected to the right. The truck swayed to the right and the driver corrected to the left. The truck started to oscillate from side to side. Fortunately the driver slowed down and got the truck under control before we crashed.

I spent the entire drive down the parkway with my eyes closed and breathing. Wondering how far I could drive the van without a fan belt and if that would be safer than the old, really old, tow trucks. In the end, we got to the mechanics and all is good. Scary.  DS1’s Explorer got brakes and tires today. I drove that vehicle home from the mechanics after the tow truck dropped the van off.  Stressful? A little bit.

I went to the local pizza place to pick up a sandwich for dinner. In the picture below you will see my sunburn from the day. I used sun tan lotion, maybe not enough or early enough. I walked in and told the girl at the counter my name and what I was picking up. She looked up from her register and notice my sunburned face. I said “Do you think I got too much sun today?” She did not know what to say. She replied, “Maybe a little bit”. The guy next to her said “That means you had a good day outside”. You know, I did.  And, I still have my sense of humor.

Pictures with captions, enjoy!



WFH Friday, Yea!..

Today was a Work From Home Friday for me. Unlike many work from home Friday’s, this one was fairly productive.  I picked some more tomatoes and cucumbers from the garden today.  This will be a picture at the bottom. I also ground up 3 more one gallon bags of tomatoes. During the winter months my DW will take these bags of ground up tomatoes out of the freezer and make sauce for pasta.  We still have lots of cucumbers to either give away or make pickles out of. That may be Sunday’s project.

My DW worked a few hours of over time again tonight. DS1 was home on time as were DS2 and DS3.  DS1 dropped off his truck to have the brakes done. Next week he may put tires on his truck. One thing at a time. Tomorrow DS1 and DS3 are playing in a lacrosse tournament in Brick, NJ.  We will be back to the sidelines once again watching the children play lacrosse.  DS1 has two college friends coming over this evening to sleep over since they live in Ohio and are playing in the tournament this weekend.

Tonight’s picture is of the tomatoes and cucumbers from the garden Enjoy!


Thursday thunderstorms..

Lots of media hype, a few really cool pictures from my brother in NYC. Not much, so far, here in South Jersey. We had some rain, the outside temperature dropped 10 degrees, not much lightning and thunder. We may still get our chance in a few hours since there appears to be another line of thunderstorms heading across the southern part of the state.  Tonight was supposed to be “The music is too loud”  Thursday night lacrosse. Based on my brother’s forecast, we did not head north to play. I got an email 30 minutes after the start time for the game that tonight was cancelled. We need to work on that timing.

Instead of going north, DS1, DS3 and I went to the local high school to throw around. I had my new lacrosse head strung last night by the son of a friend.  He did a good job stringing the head. I am very happy with how it throws.  DS1 was looking for a little warm up since he and DS3 are playing in a tournament this weekend.  We only lost one ball tonight.

Work was busy for me. My DW worked late again tonight. DS1 was home by 6:45 pm. This is early for him. DS2 was supposed to be off today and tomorrow. He picked up shifts for both days when somebody called out for both days. His 24 hour work week will now total 37.5 hours. He is happy to get the extra time. DS3 worked today. He was supposed to be off tomorrow but found hours as well. Looks like I will be working from home, alone, tomorrow. That is not a bad thing.

Tonight’s pictures are courtesy of my brother the weatherman in NYC.  Enjoy!


Happy 400 th post..

Really!  According to Word Press, this post is number 400.  It seems like only yesterday (not really) that I started blogging. Now all we need is some good rum and fireworks and the night will be complete.  Thank you to everyone that reads this blog. 

Fun facts for today:

  • DS3 went to the doctor with my DW tonight after dinner. He has an allergic reaction to something on his leg that got infected. He is now taking a few different medicines and has an appointment with the doctor for next week. See the pictures below.
  • When the doctor looked at his leg his first words were “Hmm, that looks bad”. That and four years in medical school and you can be a doctor too!
  • I went out at lunch time today and played wall ball for 20 minutes trying to improve my eye hand coordination. Success?  Time will tell.
  • DS3 and I went down to the high school after he returned from the doctor’s office  to throw around the lacrosse ball. He threw a simple, not fast at all, pass and the ball broke the head on my lacrosse stick.  And, we lost a ball tonight. Net cost for 30 minutes of practice, a cool 100.00. Aren’t hobbies great. This was my “lucky” stick. Not anymore, I guess.
  • DS1, DS2, DS3, DW and I all worked today! Wahoo.. The family that works together (in separate jobs)……. (fill in the blank)

Tonight’s pictures are various views of DS3’s leg!  Enjoy!


Continued confusion..

Those two words describe my work day today. I got up early and worked from 7 am to 10 am at home. I had a customer with 13 computers that needed upgrading and they wanted to get most of the work done before they opened. I got the work done, then I showered and headed into the office.  The rest of the day was disjointed, people call, say they will call back, never do, then everybody calls back at the same time, then they all leave early for the day. Total confusion. I started lots of things today, I don’t think I finished many of them. I am from the start – then – finish school of work. Not the start five jobs and have them all carry over to the next day or days.

My DW worked two plus hours of overtime tonight. I was home before her. She told me this morning that yoga last night was fine, but some of the poses she modified since they hurt her left hand. DS1 was home early. Early for him. He was home by 6:30 pm. DS3 worked the 8:30 to 5 pm shift at the B & B Department store. He spent some of the day outside in the 95 degree heat selling beach chairs.  When asked about the stores return policy, DS3 told the customer (a man) that beach chairs and such were not returnable. Of course, you could take the chair to the beach, use it and return it. They are not a rental business. The customer yelled at DS3.  Nice.

DS2 has just returned from work. He was scheduled to work until 9 pm but he wiggled his way into staying an extra hour. He has figured out how to beat the schedule queen at work. An hour here, an hour there and you can have nearly 40 hours by the end of the week.  Hopefully they don’t get wise to his plan before he heads back to school.  No other excitement so far today.

Tonight’s picture is from yesterday. DS3 was at a pool party with some friends. Enjoy!


Monday night in NJ..

Monday night lacrosse, hour two is currently underway.  The old guys are resting, critiquing the play of the young guys.  Typical post game bull session minus the beer.  Whoever is on beer detail tonight was a no-show. DS3 and I played on the same team tonight.  I was never open when he had the ball. I had five shots tonight and on goal!  That is pretty good for me. The goalie we faced stopped four point-blank shots from me. We all had a good time.

So far, no catastrophes today. The day is still young.  Work for me was busy, busy. After the phones being out at the office for two days, there was quite a bit of pent-up demand for help. I got to work early, worked through my lunch and left late. Not my idea of working for the man.  My DW had a full day. Her hand seems better, or at least she is not favoring it and suffering in pain ( that I can tell). She went to yoga tonight while we played lacrosse.

DS1 worked a full day. He should be asleep when we finally get home tonight and out of the house before I get up.  DS2 was off today.  DS3 was off today. I know DS3 was at a friend’s house swimming at some point today. The a/c is back on, again. 90 today, mid 90’s tomorrow.  Summer time weather.
Here is a picture from the visitor gallery looking at the field.  Enjoy!



Take human bites..

Cut your food up smaller. Don’t stuff all that in your mouth at once. Are you a parent? Parent to be? Maybe you are the child that heard these words. Here’s a true story from today.  Tonight we had lobster for dinner. They are on-sale at the Shop Rite. We also had salt potatoes, fresh mozzarella, shrimp cocktail and cucumbers sliced with Tzatziki Dipping sauce. Of course, the lobster and the salt potatoes were served with butter. Hmmm.

At dinner tonight was my DW, DS1 and I. DS2 and DS3 were working. I cooked the lobsters and the salt potatoes and dinner was ready at 7 pm. At 7:05 DS1 decides that he can eat an entire lobster tail without either cutting it up or taking the time to chew it. He starts to choke. He is sitting next to my DW, the nurse. He chokes, bangs on the table and is in distress. My DW tells him to stand up and does the Heimlich maneuver on him, twice. I think the first one was enough, but she made sure.

He was able to breathe again. She was in shock, he was trying to maintain his macho bravado. Me, I was glad she was able to clear his airway. He said  “I’m a little light-headed” and the proceeded to continue eating his dinner. Wow, dodged another Sunday night bullet.  Later when she walked into the tv room where he was watching tv, he thanked her. She said “What for?” He said “Thank you for saving my life.” Maybe a little dramatic, but proper training kicks in an emergency.

The rest of the day was fine. Tonight’s blog was going to be about my bike ride. I finally found the time to take my bike out of the shed. Back in April during the warm Spring, I had my bike serviced so that it would be ready to ride. I had no idea that the first ride of the year would be on July 22. My bike, is a Trek, the kind you pedal.  I rode 27 miles today. My butt hurts from the seat, my legs are a little sore. Now if I can keep riding, the body will get used to the seat time again.

Tonight’s pictures have captions. Enjoy!


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