Sand in my shorts (and other places)..

 Tonight we (DW and I) went to partner yoga on the beach in Harvey Cedars, LBI, NJ.  It was a little sandy. Now that we have that comment out-of-the-way, we can have some fun.  In this picture people are starting to show up for the yoga class. The man with his back to the picture writes for the local paper. He took the class (borrowing a partner) and asked questions and took pictures. Maybe we will wind up in the local paper next week.  There were about 10 “couples” attending tonight. Most of the couples were friends, like two ladies. There were only three male/female couples. Were there “other” couples, I don’t know and I did not ask.

 My DW in this picture is starting to stretch out on the sand. She took a beach yoga class a few years ago on Sunday mornings.  Me, this was my first time doing yoga on the beach.  The sun was setting, there was a nice breeze off the ocean. I saw porpoises playing along the beach(in the ocean). What a good night to get ourselves centered and in harmony. Yep, if you are waiting for the (a) shoe to drop, here it is. While we were warming up, breathing, listening to the waves, the wind shifted off the ocean and west wind pushed the heat and flies onto the beach. We spent the next hour or so slapping at flies. Being so close to the water, the switch in the wind did not have that huge an effect on the air temperature. When we got in the car after yoga the car temperature read 94 degrees.

We had a good time. It was not the strenuous yoga from Monday night. We (as partners) did some yoga poses that I have never done before. If they hold this class again, I would be interested in attending. After yoga we went to the public bay beach in Harvey Cedars (where they have public restrooms) and changed out of our sandy and sweaty yoga clothes. We stopped on the way home for dinner at the Gateway ( DS2 met us there. DS3 was at a friend’s house after working all day. He got his first real (two-week) paycheck and had lots of plans on things he could do with the money and his Mustang. DS1 was going out to dinner with some friends in Beach Haven tonight.

Work, for me was slow, dare I say easy? Dare, Dare (What movie?). My DW worked a full day. Her day started off with a bang and seems to have maybe, gotten better after the first 30 minutes. There was some “stuff” going on and she was lucky to be barely involved. In the end the “stuff” turned out ok and the patient went home. Stuff, she can’t talk about work, so stuff is the best that I get. Which is ok with me.

This last picture is of my DW and Mike the photographer/reporter for the local paper. In this picture she is in childs pose on the bottom and he is doing a back bend while laying on her back. She volunteered to be his partner for this pose. She was my partner first..  We all had fun and good laugh tonight. Enjoy. 



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Paul Davitt
    Jun 30, 2012 @ 10:04:15

    Blazing Saddles!!


  2. Paul Davitt
    Jul 12, 2012 @ 19:56:34

    Doing a Powerpoint slide show on yoga for my MS Office class and I stole the last picture off this entry. Thanks!!


  3. Paul Davitt
    Jul 12, 2012 @ 20:34:30

    Whoops, had to use the second pic of Susan, not the last one.


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