Nobody told me..

Thursday night lacrosse is over for another week. We used to play on Wednesdays but now we play on Thursday nights under the lights in Manalapan, NJ. Interested? Leave me a comment and I will get you more information.  I played attack for most of the night with limited success.  Then one of the other fathers asked if I would let his son play some attack. I said sure, and went and played some middie. Yes, middie means that you run from one end of the field to the other and back.  I was not on the same team as DS3 tonight. He pestered me when I had the ball and he was on defense. I had an assist late in the evening throwing the ball to the same father that asked me to let his kid play some attack.  I ended the game by scoring my only goal of the night. It was late and someone decided that the next goal would be the last goal. Nobody told me. I still would have tried to score given the chance.

Work was another long day for me. I started 45 minutes early working from home since I had a customer that need some work done while the store was closed. We got the work done before the store opened, but that 45 minutes is a gift to my employer. I will get is back. They owe me an hour from yesterday as well.  Maybe I will submit an overtime sheet and see how that goes..  My DW had a busy day.  She was home when I got home after work. DS1, I did not see today. We did talk about him playing tonight. His employer needed trees and plants watered. He missed playing tonight.  DS2 was on the second day of his weekend. He will probably work straight through for the next week since July 4 th is right around the corner. DS3 was also off today. He spent some time out with his friends driving the new car.  He had one goal tonight.

For lunch I went to Point Pleasant Beach to  a fish market and had a Shrimp Po’Boy sandwich. That sandwich is one of tonight’s pictures. The other two the captions will explain.  Enjoy!