A brave new world, same as the old world..

Should have been the title of a Who song.  It took me a year to add a picture to the header of the blog. Just think where I will be after another year of learning how this blog software works. Maybe this year I will take their class when it is offered. I signed up last year but circumstances prevented me from attending.

Your birthday (if you are a Facebook person) is a very busy day. People seem to come out of the woodwork to wish you Happy Birthday. I’m not complaining, I enjoyed the notoriety of the day.  The day started out pretty good. When I got to work there was a box from a customer waiting for me. The customer had a request in for some data mining and the company could not seem to get it done for him. I taught this owner how to use the software before they opened the store about 8 years ago. So we have a common bond.  We talked for some time  and I found a slower, but accurate way to get him the information out of his database. He sent me a bottle of Don Q Gran Anejo Rum for my efforts. I wanted to try it this morning, but 8:30 am was a little early to have a taste. I stuck my finger in the bottle and got my taste that way. Tonight when I came home from work I had a real taste. Yum!

At lunch time I went to the Windmill for hot dogs with chile and cheese. I have two for one coupons that I use there. I took my dogs to go and drove the 5 minutes to the boardwalk in Belmar. I ate my dogs and people watched. Are you over 40 years old? Do you want to really feel old? Probably not, but if you are in for a reality shock, go to the boardwalk around 1 pm during the week in the summer time. The average age is probably 16 years old. The average amount of skin showing, probably 80 + %.  I tell myself that the people walking around are really all over 18 years old, making them adults.  Yikes!   Enough said. Do their parents know that they are dressed/undressed like that?

For dinner we (DW, DS2 and I) went to L.A.’s for $1.50 mugs and bar pies. We hit the happy hour and saved some money. The restaurant did not have the a/c on so being there was uncomfortable. I asked our friend the bartender about this. She turned one unit on, but it really did not help. I was glad to go outside where it was nicer. This evening when everyone was home, I opened my presents and we sang and had cake. I had a fun time singing with my DW and children.  They also sang for me at work. Not quite the melodious group at work.

Pictures tonight come from todays’ events. The captions will explain what they are of.  Enjoy!