Day 365, Last chance..

Well, tomorrow is my birthday.  In about two hours (or so) I will be 51 years old.  Hmmm.  Older, yes, wiser, I’m not sure.  I have enjoyed writing for the last year. I know that my family and friends probably know more about my daily life than most people ought to know.  Some days were mundane, some days writing was a chore. But the most fun days were those days when I saw or experienced something and said to myself “Blog Material”  I have even written things down during the day in an attempt to capture the moment.

Here is one of those “Blog Material” moments. If you notice this part of the blog is below the title and the first few lines. Many people see my blog on Facebook but probably don’t read the whole things. That’s why some stories get buried below the fold.  Below the fold refers to the part of the newspaper below the fold. The top stories of the day would be above the fold where people could see the instant they picked the paper up.  There is  your history lesson for today.

Enough nonsense. Yesterday I wrote about going out into the wild to install and upgrade some computers on site.  I don’t do this ever (once a year) for various reasons. The biggest reason is money. The guys that do the installs are not adequately compensated for their time. As an example, if I have to drive two hours to a job site, then work eight hours  on-site and the drive two hours home, How many hours did I work?  If you guessed 12 hours you would be right. My pay would be the same if I worked 8 hours in the office.  Seems like a no brainer to me.

So I got to the site this morning, ten minutes early. Good sign. I went inside and said hello to the owner. I was last in his store almost 10 years ago when we installed the current computers. I looked in my bag for my flash drive which has all the necessary software and could not find it. Then I remembered my bag tipping over at home and some of the stuff falling out. The flash drive must have rolled under the hutch, dammit.  I carried the boxes into the store and squatted down to look under the counter to see what I had to work with and I heard a rip. Yep, I ripped the seat of my pants.  Dammit x 2!

The rip was kind of low and the owner left me alone to do my work. The store was closed, so I was the only one up front. I had to have the hardware swapped out by 9 am when the customers would start showing up. So, I sucked it up and kept working. After I got the hardware swapped out and the new machine running the old software, I drove the 15 minute home for a change of clothes and the flash drive.  The rest of the install was easy.  I worked the rest of the day from home.

I have no big plans for tomorrow. I’m sure there will be the obligatory singing and cake at work around 3 pm tomorrow.  It looks like my DW and I will be eating dinner without children tomorrow night. Hopefully everybody will be home around by 8 or 9 pm to have cake and candles.

Tonight’s picture is of my pants. Which now are in the trash. Maybe, and I’ve had this thought after past wardrobe malfunctions, I should always have a change of clothes in the car.  Once an Eagle Scout, always and Eagle Scout. Enjoy!



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