Day 364, Yoga Daddy..

That was me tonight. Yoga daddy. I accompanied my Yoga Momma to her yoga class tonight. I had not been to this class since before Christmas. This class meets on Monday nights which happens to be the night I play lacrosse. Usually my DW will either go by herself (during the school year) or with DS2 during the summer and school breaks. Tonight lacrosse was cancelled and DS2 was working. So I got my big chance!

I forgot how hard this particular teachers pushes her class. I am used to Adult School yoga which is not quite as intense. My DW told me when we got home that the  instructor took it easy on us tonight.  I enjoyed the stretching and the sweating. The only negative part of the evening was that a huge thunderstorm raged during most of the class. All I could think about was the flooding problems we had Friday during the storm. Fortunately the rain must not have fallen at home as hard as it did at the gym. We did not get any water in the house. Also, the storm on Friday sat on top of our area and it rained torrentialy for three straight hours. Tonight’s storm lasted about 45 minutes.

Last night I wrote about getting a new cell phone. After I posted, I realised that I did not say which phone I got.  I had a Droid 2 before. I am old school and like the physical keyboard. I had a $50 dollar off coupon for any 4 G Verizon phone. I decided to get the Droid 4 since it is a 4 G phone and I still like the keyboard. I have been playing with it for about 24 hours and I like it a lot. I still have some tweaking to do to get the phone set up the way I want. I did plug my laptop into the phone to see if I could still use the Easy Tether program I purchased for the old phone. It worked great. I did a speed test and I got 8 megs down and 6 megs up!  Pretty impressive. I’m sure that Verizon will throttle that back once my data usage spikes past a certain point.

Work, it was nice to be back in the office today after the debacle that Friday was. Tomorrow I am going on site to install a computer at one of our local customers. I actually volunteered to do it. I will probably regret volunteering. My DW worked a full day. I think she was happy to have company at yoga tonight. DS1 worked, came home and went to bed. He was in bed by the time we got home at 9 pm. Last night he, his college buddy and DS3 had a fire in the backyard and drank a few beers. I’m sure he was hurting this morning. DS2 has returned from Upstate NY. He had to work today.  DS3 continues to enjoy his Mustang. He also worked today. Tomorrow he is on the 6 am to 3 pm shift.

Tonight’s pictures are just me fooling around with the new phone.  Enjoy!


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