Day 360, Slight math issue..

The starting premise of this blog was to document my reaching the age of 50 and surviving to 51 and beyond. At some point, I decided that each day, I would title the blog with the day number and hopefully something catchy. Here’s the issue. Wednesday is my birthday. I will turn 51. This year was a leap year so there should (are) 366 days in the year.  In three days is my birthday. Day 360 plus three days equals..  class, class? Day 363. It would appear that somewhere along the way, I lost three days. Hmmm.  I just don’t know. Tomorrow’s blog will be Day 364…

Today was Sunday, June 24, 2012. It was sunny here in Manahawkin, NJ.  The clean up from the rain and thunderstorms on Friday is all about done. We have a little more drying out to do then everything will go back where it was until the next time. I have some preventive projects to work on over the next week or so to try to keep this nonsense from happening again. Did somebody say there was a tropical storm in Gulf of Mexico? I hope it does not head up this way. Out to sea would be the best plan.

Children, DS1 has a friend from college over today. This friend is a year older than DS1 and also played lacrosse. He is on the East Coast for summer recruiting lacrosse tournaments. He is coaching a traveling team from Michigan and has a few days between tournaments. DS1 took him to the beach today. Tonight we had broiled halibut smothered in pan seared lobster with fresh scallions. On the side we had shrimp cocktail, fresh mozzarella with basil, steamed clams and corn on the cob. Yum and yum. Quite the feast. Tonight the boys are having a few beers and a fire in the backyard. Tomorrow everybody goes back to work.

DS2 is still in upstate New York. He is traveling home tomorrow. He has continued to eat venison for breakfast. I would imagine that he has eaten quite a few things that don’t usually grace our table this week. DS3 worked at the bark and biscuit today. He said the day was slow. He is out visiting one of his high school friends. It seems that he is determined to take all of his friends for a ride in the new car. Good for him. I remember those days.

DW and I, we did Sunday chores. Food shopping and basement duty. I got a new cell phone today. On Thursday, Verizon is getting rid of the grandfathering of people that have unlimited data plans. That means after June 28 when you upgrade your smartphone you will lose your unlimited data plan. Up to now, you (we) were grandfathered in. I figured that I better get a new phone before I screwed up our plan.  The only child that might be looking to upgrade is DS1. I have mentioned this fact to him, he does not seem all the worried. 

Tonight’s pictures come with captions that will explain what they are of. Enjoy!