Day 357, Who needs sleep..

When we last met (through this blog) it was nearly midnight here on the East Coast.  I had just returned from playing lacrosse in the 90 degree heat with DS3 and 20 or so other foolish lacrosse players.  After publishing last nights blog I went to bed. You would figure after working all day, driving 150 miles, buying a car, playing lacrosse and having a cocktail, I would have slept like a baby.  Well, that was not the case. I tossed and turned and could not get comfortable. Dammit!

Tonight we had a marinated flank steak on the grill with pan sautéed zucchini and some nice, inexpensive, Merlot wine.  The zucchini came from a local farmers market. This was the first market of the year. My DW also picked up some fresh mozzarella and sour dough bread. I like sour dough bread. My father used to “commute” to San Francisco for work when I was a child. He would bring home sour dough bread when he returned from each trip. That is how I came to enjoy sour dough bread.

Work was  only busy because I went looking for work to do. The company president asked me to jump into support since they were short-handed this week.  I did as I was asked. Sometimes you have to play ball. My DW had a decent day. Tomorrow looks to quite busy. DS1 worked a full day today. He seemed to enjoy the flank steak leftovers tonight. Most nights what we had for dinner does not interest him. DS2 left this morning to visit the college friend whose father died last week. We are proud of him that he sees a need and is willing to give of himself and his time (and money) to put his values first.  DS3 had the day off. I guess the highlights of the day for him would be his trip to the beach with a friend and the fact that his parents will be picking up his car Saturday morning. If all things go as planned he will be able to drive it home from work on Saturday.

Tonight as I write this I am listening to the Smokin Tuna Saloon live stage feed. Joe Bachman is on stage again tonight. If he shows up in you neighborhood, make the trip. He has an amazing stage presence. We will go see him this summer at the Jersey Shore. Joe can be found on twiiter @joebachman .

Picture time. This picture is from DS3’s 18 th birthday in April 2011. Enjoy!



PS I need to get back to yoga class. Soon..