Day 355, Last day of Spring..

Tomorrow at 7:09 pm EDT will be the Summer Solstice here in New Jersey. I guess if you live south of the equator, tomorrow will be the first day of winter. So sad. Not for us. The forecast high temperature for tomorrow is in the mid 90’s on the East Coast. More of the same for Thursday. This evening my DW and I went for a walk on the beach in Surf City. The beach is 7 miles east of our home.  While 7 miles in not far, in the middle of the summer it can seem like 50 miles away with all the traffic. At the bottom will be some pictures from the beach.

Everybody worked today. DW, DS3 and I ate dinner together. He went to friends house while we were at the beach. DS2 worked the afternoon shift. We saw him drive by us on his way home and our way to the beach. DS1 had sushi for dinner tonight. Where he developed a taste for sushi I don’t know. Maybe he picked that up while in college.

Here are the pictures, enjoy!