Day 354, a good sweat..

I got my goal early tonight.  I played lacrosse tonight and DS3 was on my team.  He brought the ball across the midfield line and passed the ball to me as I reached about 10 feet from the goal. I (gasp) caught the ball and shot the ball into the goal beating the goalie stick side high.  I had one other shot tonight that the goalie stopped.  All in all a good night for me. DS3 had two assists. I also had an assist.  Two points for both of us tonight.  Next week, who knows. More lacrosse on Wednesday night.

Work was disjointed, but busy. Tomorrow’s schedule is a little tighter. My DW had a tough day today.  She was tired when I came home. She made a nice dinner of pork chops and some of yesterday’s leftovers. DS1 was not home when we left for lacrosse. DS2 was off today.  DS3 worked most of the day. They sent him home an hour early since work was slow.

Lacrosse on Monday nights is now a two-hour run. The old guys play the first hour and the young guys play the second hour.  I am writing this on my phone while the young guys play.

Back home again. It was my turn to drive, so no napping on the ride home. DS2 and my DW went to yoga tonight. DS2 said it went well. Everyone is home for the night. Tonight’s picture is of DS2 from his April 2011 concert at Marywood University. Enjoy!



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