Day 353, Fathers Day 2012..

Happy Fathers Day to the dads out there today.  I enjoyed my day. No, I did not get to sit in the chair and dispatch my minions to do my every wish.  I’m not sure that I would enjoy that.  Today was a typical Sunday for us. Breakfast was Eggs Benedict with fresh crabmeat. Lunch was fried bologna sandwiches. Dinner was cheese burgers, cheese noodles, crab cakes, fresh mozzarella with prosciutto and basil from the garden, shrimp cocktail and deviled eggs. Whew, what a list. For dessert we had cannolis.  Two out of the three children joined us for dinner. DS2 was working this evening. Funny how the high points of the day seem to revolve around food.

Facebook was full of pictures of various people and their fathers. It was nice to see the pictures. My sister in law’s oldest son graduated from high school this week. His picture can be found below.  For Fathers Day if got cards from my children. My oldest found a picture of shrimp boats tied up at a dock in Key West. Not a photograph, but an actual hand drawn picture. My DW is going to get a frame for it. I got a new pair of Docksiders (shoes) to replace the lovingly well-worn pair that I own. They need to be broken in.  Time will solve that ill.

I played some lacrosse with DS1 and DS3 this afternoon.  We went down to the field to throw around. I will bring my helmet next time. DS1 throws the ball really hard. I did not get hurt, but the potential certainly was there. 

Tonight’s pictures are of the fresh mozzarella, prosciutto, basil dish that DS3 made for dinner. Also my nephew’s graduation picture is there as well. Enjoy!



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