Day 351, Not far from the tree, I guess..

Saturday, June 16 here in New Jersey. The weather was pretty close to perfect today. Last night cooled down around 60 degrees and the high here was around 78 degrees. Sunny, some breeze and no children, all day. Really, it was the weather.. (Note to the children, this is all tongue in cheek, or in your world, LOL).  Easy Saturday morning for us old folks. Breakfast was pork roll and eggs. Some excellent coffee from New Orleans and an easy, slow start.  After we finally got going, my DW did inside chores, I did outside chores.  This seems to be the usual Saturday division of labor. The garden is looking good. I will take some pictures and share them tomorrow.

Lunch was at the Stafford Dinner.  Then we went to COSTCO for stuff. We went to lunch first so that we (I) would not buy any unnecessary items at the store. They say you are not supposed to shop on an empty stomach.  We never (right) buy unnecessary items at COSTCO. But when we do, they usually cost around 10 dollars each. That seems to be their more or less price for most things.   Dinner tonight was Veal Francese. The veal came from the store today.  Dinner turned out great. My DW was my helper keeping the dirty dishes moving into the dish washer.

DS1 came home around 9 pm from working all day. He must have stopped somewhere for dinner. He had a small piece of veal. He watched some professional lacrosse with us on tv. DS2 was in Copenhagen, NY for a funeral today. The father of one of his classmates died. He and some of his college friends got together and traveled to upstate NY for the funeral. He got home around 7:30 pm tonight. He was very hungry. They did a lot of traveling and not a lot of eating.  I offered him a Victory Summer Love to go with his dinner. He declined (gasp) and went looking for the River Horse Hop Hazard. There was one left. He seems to like beers that are hoppy. I like beers that are hoppy.  Not from the tree, right?  DS3 worked and then went to friends graduation party. He will be sleeping there tonight.

Tonight’s pictures are from today’s travels. Read the captions, and enjoy!


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