Day 350, When does the countdown begin?..

Back on June 27, 2011 I set out to document (not exactly National Geographic) being 50 years old.  The premise (in my mind) was that my father died when he was 50. On his last day he spent some time with some friends and they talked about his life and accomplishments, and his children. Not really being sure that I would make it past his age, I set out to document being 50, in his honor.  Well, my birthday is in 12 days. How about that.  Now what? I have not dwelled on the what’s next.  I have been asked by several constant readers about what I will do when the year is over. My DW was probably the clearest last night when she said, “Well, you certainly enjoy writing each night”. And she is right, I have enjoyed sharing this last year.  No reason to decide tonight.

How do you define happiness?  Is it a word, a picture, a place or an experience. Or maybe, some combination of all or none.  Happiness, conjures up (for me) some of the following images, playing lacrosse, sailing in the Virgin Islands with my family, visiting the west cost of Florida with my family, college visits, laying in a hammock with my DW on Jost Van Dyke, my first Painkiller in the islands.  I could go on and on. I had one of those moments tonight. Simple, no planning, funny how some of the best moments happen that way. 

After dinner my DW and I came home from a local bar with takeout food for DS1 and DS3. When we got home, DS1 was playing wall ball off the front curb. I need to learn that skill.  He has been doing that since he was in 8 th grade. After we got home DS3 came home and went out front to play lacrosse with DS1. I called out to them that their food was ready. They were not really interested. I lit a fire in the chiminera and then went back out front to see what the boys were doing. They were throwing arround in the street. Well, my stick was in the car. I joined them and we threw around, quick stick, quick redirect, hot potato for about 10 minutes. If you did not pay attention, you would probably get hit in the face by a ball. What a good time. 

Several pictures tonight. The pictures will tell the tale. Enjoy!