Day 349, I feel _____..

Not really sure. Last night sitting here at home with the rain falling, I was sure that nobody would show up to play lacrosse in the rain, outdoors last night. This morning I got the response to my email yesterday evening about playing. Apparently, 23 people showed up last night to play! Did it rain? Were there enough goalies? I really don’t know. I am kicking myself in the rear for not going. I guess the next time the weather is iffy, I will probably go.  I really needed to get out and exercise some demons.

Two new beers to try today. Both come from the River Horse Brewery here in New Jersey. The beers that we sampled were the Hop Hazard and the Special.  Of the two, the Hop Hazard was by far the better tasting beer. I am a sucker for hoppy (not like a rabbit) beers and ales.  I tried several of their offerings last year when I went to a beer festival in NYC with two of my brothers.  This beer is not a “summer beer”. I think it can be enjoyed year round. The Victory Summer Love beer still holds the title this year of summer beer. There was a time and place where a Corona and a slice of lime held that honored position.

Work, hmmm. I closed two calls this week that had lingered for over a year. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I guess good that I closed them, bad that it took a year (calls were opened around June 10, 2011) to close them. I can tell you that in both cases the delay was due to any number of excuses from the customer. I would have completed the work a year ago if they let me. I still have one older call from February 2011. That is next weeks project. Again, not my fault. Just another one of those complicated cases where multiple parties are involved. I hope to circumvent those outside parties and get the job done. We will see how that works out.

My DW had a crappy day at work. enough said. Hopefully tomorrow is better. DS1 made deliveries for his boss on LBI today with the company truck. He was done early and did not have to take the truck back. He will use it to commute to work in the morning.Ttonight he out looking at a house to rent with a friend of his. This might be the big move. Or not. DS2 is working the evening shift again. Tomorrow he and some of his college friends are heading up to Syracuse for the funeral of the father of one of the group. The plan is to stay over Friday night and return Saturday night. DS3 worked at the bark and biscuit again today.

No sermon tonight. As a writer’s aside, the sermon was buried at the end of the blog last night for a reason.  And on an unrelated note, today, June 14 is Flag Day here in the US. My parents would have celebrated their 54 th wedding anniversary today. They were married on this day in 1958.   Mom and Dad, we miss you.

Tonight’s picture is from 1958. This is a picture of the wedding party. Enjoy!